Job Seekers – Look Out for this Scam

by Chris Bjorklund

The scammer places a help-wanted ad at a popular job-search site offering a work-at-home job. You fill out an employment application that asks for a Social Security number and your date of birth. Then you're told you got the job! Packages arrive at your home with directions to repackage the items and ship them overseas, using your own money which will be repaid. The original packages were paid for with fraudulent credit cards, something you don't find out until later. Next, you're told that you will be paid by cashier's check. But here's the catch. The check will be written for more than the amount owed. You deposit the check and forward the difference to the company's overseas bank account. Eventually, the cashier's check bounces — and you owe the bank the amount of the check. The kicker is — the ordeal is not over yet. The fraudulent employer has your birth date and SSN. They have applied for several credit cards in your name and use them to buy merchandise that is being shipped to other unknowing victims of the scam. If you think you may be involved in reshipping fraud, contact the FBI @