You’ve Been Upgraded!

by GregLouie

We have exciting news! This year, if you qualify for Diamond Certified, your Diamond Certified Expert Contributions will be presented in more places, so Quality Customers in your community will see you more often as their (famous) local top rated expert who cares. You can see we’re determined to help you beat your competitors by giving you a big Deep Info advantage. We’ll help you get the best articles, photos, videos, ratings, tables and your project presentations, boosting your company with Quality Customers. Your company website is a must check-in point for potential customers shopping your business. So, we’re going to help you upgrade your own website by adding Diamond Certified Deep Info inside your key pages to prove your team delivers High Quality and Helpful Expertise, giving shoppers extra confidence to choose you in the critical moments that they’re on your website. If you qualify, these Diamond Certified upgrades will make 2018 your best year ever!

BONUS: Your Expert Contributions Elevate Your Brand in More Places!

Your Diamond Certified Expert Contributions Build Your Brand in NEW Places

Your Deep Info Drives Decisions and Creates Winners and Losers
The only way Quality Customers get to know you and your staff—the only way they find, see, understand, and form strong opinions about you and your company—is through info they find. The totality of info available on you and your company is your Deep Info. Thus, interaction with some piece of your Deep Info is the sole reason for consumers’ positive or negative belief in your company, your brand, you, your team and the quality of the work you do. The same goes for your key competitors and how your potential customers compare you to them. You must win the Deep Info matchup to win in the marketplace. If you create better Deep Info than your competitors and get it found more often by the best potential customers, you’ll win more often. If not, you’ll lose more often. Our in-house team of writers, editors, video creators, social media mavens and digital marketing experts are committed to helping you improve your Deep Info (if you qualify for Diamond Certified).

Improve Your Diamond Certified Company Report and Improve Your Website
Go to any Diamond Certified Company Report page on our website. Review each section as you scroll down the page. The company’s Deep Info is powerfully presented on this page. This year, we’re going to 1) make it even better and 2) bring key components of what you see here to your own website, which will turn prospective customers into committed buyers of your services.

As one example, think about putting your Diamond Certified Ratings Dashboard and Diamond Certified Video Profile right on your website’s home page so shoppers know you’re top rated (if you qualify). Plus, add your Diamond Certified Video Profile so potential customers who are checking out your website get to meet you through video and trust you before they even meet your staff in person. To make your website more powerful, we’ll help you add powerful Diamond Certified Deep Info Components directly to your site: your top ratings, selected verbatim survey responses, essential articles, expert tips and other highly influencing components.