You’ve Been Upgraded!

by GregLouie

We have exciting news: You’ve been upgraded! Your Diamond Certified Resource just got even better. This year, you’ll be found by even more Bay Area consumers via new search engines on the websites of several leading media outlets. We’re also expanding our reach into Sacramento, which means a larger service area and more exposure to quality-seeking prospects. We’re making it easier for your customers to answer surveys about your company by providing them with text and email options. And Quality Customers will experience your Helpful Expertise® every time they look at their 2020 Diamond Certified Home Service Calendar, which was just mailed to Diamond Certified Preferred Consumers throughout the Bay Area. These upgrades will make 2020 your best year ever!

New Online Search Engines Make it Even Easier for Consumers to Find You
Starting next month, people who visit KTVU’s website will see something new on the homepage: A Diamond Certified search engine that they can use to immediately connect with top rated companies. This is a permanent change to, which means your company will benefit from increased exposure to quality-seeking consumers for the long term.

Here’s a sneak peek at what the Diamond Certified search engine will look like. Please note that this image is a draft, so there may be some changes to the final design.

KTVU’s website continues to see year-to-year increases in site traffic—in fact, the period of September 2018 to September 2019 saw a 22 percent gain in total page views and total users. These are educated, affluent people who have the purchasing power to take on a variety of projects throughout the year. With the addition of our search engine, you’ll be able to reach them and harness the power of’s 9.9 million combined annual page views. We’re also in the process of completing similar deals with and, so stay tuned for details.

We’re Expanding Our Reach Into the Sacramento Area
Last year, one of our main goals was getting Diamond Certified companies to organically show up in online searches in Sacramento. We launched our plan with a small amount of Diamond Certified companies that currently service that area with the hopes that Google would recognize our SEO efforts. I’m pleased to announce that in 2020, we are actively growing our Sacramento market for the future. We have a lot of confidence in Sacramento—the demographics are getting stronger and it’s a quality, sizable market (500,000+ residents) for all kinds of service companies. If you work within the Sacramento area or you want to expand your exposure within Diamond Certified media, contact your Service Director for more information.

Your Customers Can Now Respond to Surveys by Text or Email

Now, your customers can respond to our ongoing Diamond Certified surveys via text message.

For the past 19 years, all of the confidential surveys that we use in the Diamond Certified Rating Process have been conducted by telephone. This system has worked very well for us—by actually speaking to people, we’re able to verify that only real customers are surveyed from a large, random sample of each company’s actual customer base. This year, we’re expanding on that principle by including text messages and emails in our survey options. By making the process more convenient for consumers, we’ll be able to continually update your survey results throughout the year, which means you’ll be able to track your customer satisfaction levels in real time. And even though our response options are expanding, we will still take the time to verify that every person who rates your company is an actual past customer. We’ll be testing this new system during the first portion of the year, and we won’t roll out the finished product until we feel confident that this will be a good experience for both consumers and Diamond Certified companies.

The 2020 Diamond Certified Home Service Calendar Brings Your Helpful Expertise® to Your Neighborhood’s Affluent Homes

Quality-seeking consumers will use the Diamond Certified Home Service Calendar throughout 2020. Each calendar features highlighted holidays and important events, helpful tips from Diamond Certified Expert Contributors, and more.

Two years ago, we introduced the Diamond Certified Home Service Calendar, which features seasonal checklists, detailed information about the Diamond Certified Resource, helpful tips from Diamond Certified Expert Contributors and more. We’re pleased to announce that the 2020 calendars were just mailed to Diamond Certified Preferred Consumers. These are consumers who are loyal to the Diamond Certified Resource—they’ll use the calendars throughout the year and constantly be reminded of your status as a helpful local expert who cares about giving back to your community.