Your HealthSafety Qualified Advantage

by Jim Stein

Times have changed, and so have consumers. The pandemic has made them cautious of interacting outside of their family circle. So, in order to win their trust and earn their business, you need to make them feel comfortable and show them that you prioritize health safety in every aspect of your operations. That’s where your HealthSafety Qualified (HSQ) advantage comes in.

We introduced HSQ back in June, and the results have been impressive! HSQ works well for companies like yours because a third-party certification showing that a company follows best practices for health safety makes people feel more confident about working with you.

Dr. James R. Mattingly says HSQ gives his practice extra credibility because “it assures the public that we’re doing the right things on their behalf.”

Angel Garcia of Gar-Cal Corporation says HSQ works well because “people trust us right away and know we’re doing our best to deal with what’s going on.”

Albert Nahman of Albert Nahman Plumbing and Heating says it “puts our customers’ minds at ease and differentiates us from our competitors.”

Gerry Reyes of Aren Electric Co, Inc. shares that HSQ helps his company set a good example for its clients. “They always say, ‘Thank you for doing this.’”

Less than 1 Hour! A Streamlined Process to Earn Your HealthSafety Qualified

I’m pleased to announce that we further streamlined the HSQ certification process. Now, you can earn HealthSafety Qualified in less than one hour. And if you qualify for Diamond Certified, you get priority sign-up, receive top-level support and never pay any additional fees for HSQ.

To start the process, simply go to and enter your info.

Hand your custom HSQ brochures to customers to prove that you truly care about health safety.

Over the next hour, you’ll watch a nine-minute video, read a two-page table and a requirements document, take a 12-minute test, and upload a photo of your PPE from your phone or laptop. That’s all it takes.

We’ll give you a variety of health safety signs to hang up at your facility so customers feel more at ease.

Once you’re certified, we’ll create your HSQ brochures and send you signs and labels that you’ll use to increase your customers’ confidence. Get started! For questions, call David Pak, Director of Ratings, at (415) 710-6333 or email [email protected].

Joy Lanzaro, Director of Mediation and Compliance

A Mediator’s Heart and Head
Joy Lanzaro has been our Director of Mediation and Compliance for 10 years, and she has developed unique insights about the mediation process. Recently, she mediated a case that involved an unpaid invoice for a well on a property to be sold. As a lifelong horse rider, Joy likened the blowback from the upset homeowner to the unpredictable rage of a bucking horse. However, even as the situation veered out of her control, she stopped and reminded herself to “relax, lean back and ride it out.” You can read more about this story and learn how Joy resolved the issue at

How to Handle a Bad Online Review
Joy coaches company owners on how to respond to negative write-ups on review sites. She recently encountered one that “involved a wild conspiracy theory and was filled with attention-seeking statements, claims, and assumptions.” Joy says the best way to combat these types of reviews is to leave a rational, reflective and reassuring response. “How you respond to a bad review can reveal more about your company’s character than numerous perfect reviews. Use the opportunity to shine.” A recent study showed that consumers preferred companies that responded well to a bad review over companies with perfect scores. To read more of Joy’s tips for responding to negative reviews, go to