Your 5 Useful Answers

People buy from people they trust. People they like. People who care about them.

That’s why we created your new 5 Useful Answers feature. It’s a 3- to 5-minute Zoom-style video interview that helps you demonstrate your company’s Helpful Expertise®. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, we’ll do everything to create it for you and post only your best answers on your Diamond Certified Company Report page. We give you the video to use on your website, in social media and even as a link in your email signature. Your potential customers will know you and trust you before they even meet you or your team member!

Check it out: Go to to see the 5 Useful Answers video we created for John Gorman of Save Energy Company. It works because it’s authentic, not slick. Because it carries the high-trust backing of Diamond Certified. Because in the past year, there has been massive adoption of video calls, and it demonstrates that you’re quick to adopt helpful tech.