The Year of the Customer!


Even if your company already performs well for your customers, there’s a lot more to it than that if you want to have your best year ever in 2015. That’s why we’re formally declaring that 2015 is “The Year of the Customer.” Who you do business with and how you serve them has never been more impactful to your bottom line; it will drive your company’s performance in the coming year. In support of this, I’m really excited about our plans to help Diamond Certified companies grow their business in 2015. We’re doing it by heavily investing in these six customer-centric upgrades, which you’ll receive if your company qualifies for Diamond Certified:

1. We’re again increasing the quantity of Diamond Certified Directories we distribute to bring you more new customers.

2. We’re rapidly growing the size of our Diamond Certified Preferred Consumer membership program and its local influence.

3. We’re expanding the meaning of your Diamond Certified status to build your company’s brand for proven Quality, Customer Satisfaction and Helpful Expertise.

4. We’re surging the power of your Diamond Certified symbol to differentiate you from local competitors by investing record amounts in digital marketing, web video, mobile, TV and radio.

5. We’re doubling the size of our Diamond Certified Experts program, which positions you as a helpful, top rated local expert via articles, video tips and human interest stories.

6. We’re dramatically growing your web presence on our website and helping you better prove your Diamond Certified Quality and Expertise on your own site and materials.