What a Surprise!

by GregLouie

Recently, my family and I went to a restaurant and there was a short wait for a table. While we were waiting, the host offered us and a few other patrons some complimentary coffee or water. As someone who pays very close attention to customer service, I observed what kind of responses the offer received. Everyone seemed very appreciative and it was clear that this little touch had made a big impression.

The drinks came out immediately and made the wait go by much quicker. In fact, this simple gesture prompted many of us to start talking to each other. It began with general pleasantries (“That’s so nice!”) and turned into further conversation (“Have you eaten here before? What do you usually order?”). By the time we all shared our experiences, the tables started clearing and everyone got seated.

So, what’s the moral of the story? Take the time to surprise your customers. Research shows that providing a customer with something unexpected improves their overall perception of the service they received. It could be as simple as a follow-up call to make sure they were happy with your work or as forward as a post-project gift basket. And remember, as a Diamond Certified company, you have access to a wide variety of digital and print tools that prove to your customers that you truly care about their satisfaction.

Use Your Diamond Certified Tools to Stand Out
Take your custom Diamond Certified brochures, for example. You already know they increase trust, prove your team’s top rated performance and lift emotional confidence in your company, so why not use them as referral gifts as well? Just write the customer’s name on a brochure and tell them if they pass it on to a friend or family member, you’ll send them a thank-you gift. You can do the same thing with the Diamond Certified Directory and your Diamond Certified Expert Contributor reprints.

Of course, you don’t need physical gifts to surprise your customers—you can also do it with your actions. Don’t shy away from issues that may come up on a job. Not every project goes perfectly, but the way you handle a problem can determine whether the customer leaves upset or remains loyal to your company. If you prioritize the issue and give it more attention than what’s expected, the customer will be less angry and may even be surprised and impressed by your approach.

After implementing some of these techniques, take a look at your ongoing Diamond Certified research reports and see what kinds of comments you’ve been getting from happy customers. It won’t take long to see if you’re on the right track.