Upgrading Your Advantages!

by Jim Stein

This year, if you qualify for Diamond Certified, we’ll help you enhance your key competitive differentiators, create new ones, and deploy them to elevate your competitive advantage and fuel your company with Quality Customers. 

EARN – Keep Up Your High Customer Satisfaction
At 93%, we have the highest owner loyalty rate of any marketing-type program in the Greater Bay Area because Diamond Certified works on many levels. It elevates you as a Helpful Expert, gives you tools to turn shoppers into buyers and provides a source of Quality Customers. It’s great to earn it, but you have to work to keep it. 

You see, each year for the past 21, we’ve terminated more than a handful of Diamond Certified companies for failing to uphold our standards for customer satisfaction or license/insurance. Sure, we always provide warnings and an opportunity to make things right, but these owners take their eyes off the ball and drop it. Unfortunately, they lose out on a great thing for their companies and suffer the difficulties.

That’s not you. You’ve built your company by focusing on the customer, doing quality work and making sure you run a highly ethical business. We appreciate your work and have great confidence in companies like yours. It’s why we elevate your company and give you powerful tools for competitive advantage (if you qualify).

We make this promise to each other: You keep doing your part by satisfying your customers and EARNING Diamond Certified and we’ll do our part by helping you fuel your company with Quality Customers (if you qualify).

CREATE – Upgrade Everything! Plus, Add…
People want to get back to happy times. Bright, clean and new. So, it’s time to upgrade your company’s quality signals while your competitors may still be hunkered down. Humans are visual first, emotional second and logical third. Diamond Certified is your visual signal that you take care of your customers, keep your promises and deliver quality. The Diamond Certified symbol is your superpower because it elevates trust.

1. Now is the time to get new, clean Diamond Certified signs, banners, vehicle labels, printed brochures and Expert Contributor reprints. Replace fading or damaged Diamond Certified symbols with the newest versions (no extra charge for any of these if you qualify). 

2. Your Diamond Certified Company Report on our website is the most powerful webpage you have to turn shoppers into buyers because Quality Customers go there to research you. Last year we upgraded it by adding each company’s Story video and Key Factors into a fantastic new design. This year we’re going to help you create more meaningful, high-impact content to turn shoppers into buyers (if you qualify). We just added a Main Services dropdown list and an Additional Services free text box within each report.

3. Show and tell MORE. This is the year to add to your Report with more job photos, updated staff photos and descriptive captions. We’ll help you add another expert tip, article and video, and we’re creating new dynamic web widgets for your company’s website so visitors can see proof of your Diamond Certified status (if you qualify) without even leaving your site. 

DEPLOY – Use Your Diamond Certified Advantages in All Your Channels
In 2023, meet Quality Customers where they are. If they want to talk on the phone, talk on the phone. They text, you text. They’re on the web, you’re on the web. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, bring your superpower with you by mentioning your qualification on your phone calls and in texts and emails. Link to your Diamond Certified Company Report in your email ID stack, post excerpts of your verbatim suvey responses in social media, and hand out your Diamond Certified Brochures when meeting with potential clients and give them to past clients to pass along to their friends and coworkers. 

COMMAND the High Ground
You’re the center of your company’s Hot Center and your leadership has proven to deliver Quality and Helpful Expertise. You lead by example, providing Helpful Expertise even to difficult customers. You take an extra minute to answer a question, a pause to smile and hold a personal connection for an extra beat. Your team sees and feels it even when they’re not there. 

By deploying Diamond Certified through all your communication channels, you command the high ground of quality pricing. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, we’ll work together to upgrade your Diamond Certified content and sharpen your tools to increase your digital power, elevate your company’s brand for quality, convert shoppers to buyers, and generate a good flow of Quality Customers.