Trust First!


Trust is the air through which potential customers see all of your company’s attributes. Like trying to see on a pitch-black night, without trust in your company, your potential customers won’t see your positive facts right before their eyes.

If your potential customers don’t believe what you are saying, it doesn’t much matter that they are listening. Trust is always the solution through which we judge data. So, you could present facts that prove your company is the best for the job, but if your potential customer lacks trust in you, to her eyes, these facts appear faded, non-definitive or even fake.

Times change, and nowadays many of your potential customers start trusting or not trusting your company when they first interact with its digital presence. Pass this first test and the human interaction begins, where prospective customers instinctively judge voice tone, content and physical signs for signals of expertise, responsibility, and understanding.

dcsymbolIf you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll establish trust at each step of the potential customer interaction process by using your Diamond Certified Tools. Think about it: you’ll earn a big trust advantage if your team scores Highest in Quality and is awarded Diamond Certified, and your trust advantage will grow each year if you’re able to maintain your Diamond Certified-level customer performance. Seven out of 10 of your potential customers will recognize the symbol, and it will influence most of them to trust your company to perform with quality. Humans make decisions in the blink of an eye, so using your Diamond Certified symbol on your website and within all of your communications will enhance your potential customers’ trust right at the moment that they’re deciding whether to believe in your company.

Six Easy Ways You’ll Use Diamond Certified Tools to Build Trust
When prospective customers Google your company’s name, you’ll increase trust if Google displays a high rating with a large number of completed surveys next to your link. (If you qualify, we’ll do this one for you.)

trust search results 1. Use the symbol and/or a widget and a link to your Diamond Certified Company Report on each page of your website.

2. Make sure your staff mentions that your company has earned Diamond Certified on each phone call with a prospective customer by using the DC Phone Reminder.

brochure3. Hand out your custom Diamond Certified Brochure to each potential customer or mail one with each proposal. Email the PDF version of your Brochure when following up.

4. Humans use symbols and signals as shortcuts to gain confidence in data. Place your Diamond Certified signage and labels with your company’s name in high visibility locations such as company vehicles or any office that’s visited by customers.

Expert reprints5. Highlight your expertise by becoming a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor. It’s easy because we help create the articles and video tips for you. You’ll prove your expertise when you hand out your article REPRINTS, and potential customers will see you’re an expert when they Google your name. Visit and click the Expert Reports tab at the top to see 150+ Diamond Certified companies that are building trust in their expertise.