The Season of Giving

by GregLouie

On behalf of our Diamond Certified Resource team, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. When you look back on your company’s performance in 2019, you should be proud. You’ve led your team to consistently deliver very high customer satisfaction, which qualified you to earn and maintain your Diamond Certified status. Your performance isn’t ordinary or average—it’s exceptional. I’d say that’s worthy of a gift or two!

Luckily, the Diamond Certified Resource is designed to provide your company with numerous gifts throughout the year. So, as we head into 2020, make sure you’re prepared to use your Diamond Certified gifts to: 1) build a stronger brand for quality; 2) beat competitors on the web, in search and on mobile; 3) increase your transaction rate with quality-seeking shoppers; and 4) generate an ongoing flow of Quality Customers who are quick to refer your company to others.

Gift #1: Stronger Brand—Build Your Company’s Brand for Quality and Expertise
Your brand’s meaning and power determine your revenue stream and the long-term value of your company. To build a valuable company, it’s crucial to constantly elevate your brand by building its meaning and power in your marketplace. We methodically build your brand’s meaning and awareness by presenting your company as Diamond Certified on our high-trust website; in our Diamond Certified Directories; in our newspaper list of top rated companies; via TV, radio and online ads; and much more. Your team further strengthens your brand by using the Diamond Certified symbol next to your brand wherever it’s displayed: in advertising, on the web, in your office, and on vehicles and print materials (business cards, letters).

Gift #2: Digital Advantage—Beat Rivals in Web, Mobile and Search Performance
We’ve made it our mission to build great digital for your company, giving you a crucial digital advantage without distracting you from your main business. We’ve accomplished this by:

  • Creating your Diamond Certified Company Report, which provides prospective customers with all the info they need to choose you: accurate ratings, researched articles, a captivating video profile and photo gallery, and more.
  • Displaying your Company Report in search results with 4-5 rating stars based on a high number of surveys, so prospects feel confident every time they search your company name.
  • Revamping the Diamond Certified Portal, which you can now use to download marketing tools, connect with other Diamond Certified company owners, see real-time analytics of how your website is performing and more.
  • Helping you set up your Facebook and Twitter accounts and then giving you a feed of verified survey responses from satisfied customers and high-quality tips.

Gift #3: Increased Transaction Rate—Turn Quality-Centric Shoppers Into Buyers
We’ve given you several trust-building Diamond Certified Tools to influence both the emotional and logical assessment of your company’s likely future performance. Use your custom Diamond Certified Brochures with each potential customer to increase trust and prove your team’s top rated performance. The gold-embossed Diamond Certified symbol on the cover is designed to lift each prospect’s emotional confidence in your company. Hand out your Diamond Certified Expert Contributor reprints to signal your Helpful Expertise®. Use the Diamond Certified labels and symbol on all of your estimates and within communications with prospects to signal your team’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Gift #4: Better Customers—Gain an Ongoing Flow From Referrals and DC Media
Who you do business with matters, and Diamond Certified attracts the best customers to your company. When we mail our popular Diamond Certified Directories to homeowners with household incomes above $100,000 per year, we are choosing to present your company to households that have the financial resources to pay for quality. When a consumer chooses to use our Diamond Certified website or shops in our Diamond Certified Directory, they’re making a choice to go with a quality company they can trust.