The Components of Your Success

by GregLouie

I say it all the time but it bears repeating: Your Diamond Certified Company Report is the absolute best presentation of your company anywhere on the internet. Where else can consumers see your company’s accurate ratings, researched articles, expert tips, video profile, photo gallery and verbatim survey responses all in one place? It’s a one-stop shop that proves your quality and helps you stand out in an increasingly crowded marketplace, which ultimately turns prospective clients into committed buyers of your services.

Your prospects already visit to view your Diamond Certified Company Report, but wouldn’t it be great if you could also show them this comprehensive info on your own website and social media accounts? That’s where our latest innovation comes into play. Now, you can take components of your Company Report and add them to your own online pages, thus extending the influence of your Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise® status.

Let’s look at some of these components and see how they can help you attract and keep more Quality Customers:

1. Researched Articles
Quality Customers want to read about your history, business philosophy, areas of expertise, warranties and other key attributes that differentiate your company from local competitors. With your expertly researched articles, that’s exactly what they get. These articles are your company’s most relevant, highest quality and most trusted available anywhere on the web.

2. Diamond Certified Ratings Dashboard
Nowadays, consumers judge a webpage in a few seconds. Fail this test and they’re gone. Pass and they go deeper to get what they want. That’s why what they don’t see is just as critical as what they do see. They don’t see spammy ad-photos, clickbait links or other obvious signs of a compromised website. Consumers instantly gain confidence in your company when they see the four charts of your Diamond Certified Ratings Dashboard.

3. Diamond Certified Video Profile
Life is a story about people, and your company’s video profile tells the story of you and your team. Quality Customers get to hear you talk about your business philosophy and the services you provide. They even see examples of your work and get a look at your vehicles or facility. All of this makes them more comfortable and subconsciously reduces risk. They feel like they already know you before they make that initial phone call.

4. Diamond Certified Photo Gallery
Your photo gallery is designed to get potential customers emotionally involved in your company. People want to see who they’re going to do business with and how they operate. That’s why your photo gallery showcases your company’s staff, facilities, vehicles and work.

5. Diamond Certified Experts
When considering a purchase, consumers are more trustful of people they know. As a Diamond Certified Expert, you’re introduced as a local expert who truly cares about helping your community, which increases your trust factor and the likelihood that you’ll get a new client. Your Expert Articles and Video build their familiarity with you and your company.

6. Verbatim Survey Responses
Quality Customers depend on the Diamond Certified Resource to provide them with survey responses from your actual customers, which is the opposite of gamed review sites.

All of these components of your Diamond Certified Company Report can be found right in your Diamond Certified Portal, so I encourage you to log in and start spreading the proof of your quality everywhere your company has an online presence. If you have any questions or need help utilizing these components, please contact your Service Director.