Strong Plans for 2021!

by Jim Stein

On behalf of our Diamond Certified Resource team, I want to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season. It was a year like none other. Together, we endured intermittent lockdowns and chaotic conditions. And when you’re responsible for running a local company, you have to adapt and look out for your customers and staff. I’m pleased to report that our Diamond Certified companies excelled at both. Now, we prepare for the big step forward.

For our part, we’re determined to build your company in 2021 by investing heavily in presenting you in more places, in more ways and with more power than ever before (if you qualify for Diamond Certified).

Pulsing Media Campaigns – TV, Radio, Newspaper, Search, Web, Social, Email
When given lemons, make lemonade. So they say. So, we did. It turns out that by using big cash on the barrelhead and a bit of creative give and take, Greg has been able to negotiate some massive media buys to promote Diamond Certified companies in the coming year. We’ll give you the details by medium in January. We’ll be running ongoing daily advertising, and every quarter we’ll pulse massive multimedia campaigns to break through the awareness threshold in each media channel. Sound cool?

It’s Always a Story About People
Over the past 19 years, we’ve seen millions of calls go to our top rated companies from fans of the Diamond Certified Resource. Yes, consumers who care about quality love the fact that earning Diamond Certified means a company has passed the toughest rating for quality and Helpful Expertise® in America. They love that we back each transaction with our Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee. Those two facts get you in the game, but what gets you the business and super-glues the loyalty of Quality Customers are the stories you give them.

It’s why your Diamond Certified Video Profile tells an intro story about your company, and it’s why your status as a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor gives people confidence and pride in buying from a local hero (if you qualify).

People buy from people, and they want to feel good about buying from you. It’s why we just mailed 33,000 Diamond Certified Home Service Calendars to high-income families in your area. They feature a photo and helpful tip from each of our expert contributors.

In 2021, we’ll add to your story. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, we’ll present you and your company in more ways and in more places.

The Rise of the Digital Diamond Certified Company
As consumers continue their shift to digital media and tools, you have to be there as well. Don’t worry—in 2021, we’ll help you rise to the occasion by setting you up with new digital features that connect you with new customers.