Strong Influence


Strength matters.

Your strong quality brand attracts those who care about quality and are willing to pay for it.

Your strong customer loyalty bear hugs your customers so they return and refer you.

Your strong digital helps your best prospects find and engage with you on their smartphones.

Your strong Deep Info makes more of your best prospects choose you over your competitors.

Your company will run strong if you’re strong in these four areas. Conversely, allow them to weaken and you’ll suffer the consequences of low customer retention; difficult-to-please, thin-margin customers; and a “lost in the woods” business. Neglect causes weakness with painful results. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, the stakes are high and we will not let you weaken, because you’re top rated for Quality and Helpful Expertise and we care about you and your team. The Strong Influence of the Diamond Certified Resource and Tools will help your company thrive for years to come. Here’s how.

Strong Brand Influence
Diamond Certified strengthens your brand by

  1. Increasing trust in your company
  2. Positioning you as a local expert hero who cares
  3. Elevating your brand onto the Quality Pedestal
  4. Presenting your company in the prestigious Diamond Certified Directory, Diamond Certified Directory Updates and Diamond Certified Resource website

Strong Deep Info Wealth Influence
Diamond Certified strengthens your Deep Info by

  1. Conducting ongoing Accurate Research and presenting your essential Ratings Graphs and Verbatim Survey Responses in the most compelling format
  2. Creating and updating your Researched Articles, Diamond Certified Video Profile, Expert Tips, Key Staff Photos, Capabilities Table, and External Feed to Everything About Your Company

Strong Digital Advantage Influence
Diamond Certified strengthens your Digital by

  1. Creating and updating the Web Home for your Deep Info within your high-trust Diamond Certified Company Report
  2. Mobile-optimizing and running the best Smartphone presentation of your company anywhere
  3. Increasing your company’s search results by giving you 4+ Google Search Review Stars based on a large number of trusted surveys
  4. Conducting annual Digital Audits of your website to help you remove malicious code, optimize keywords and speed things up

Strong Quality Customer Influence
Diamond Certified strengthens your Influence with Quality Customers by

  1. Making your custom Diamond Certified Brochures and eBrochures, which you use in the shopping process to prove your top rated status
  2. Backing you with the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee
  3. Annually mailing 1,556,000 Diamond Certified Directories to local households with $100,000+ incomes and key decision-makers at companies
  4. Conducting ongoing TV, radio, newspaper, and web campaigns that position you as a Diamond Certified company that’s top rated for Quality and Helpful Expertise