Spring Training for Your Team!

by jim-stein@att.net

Upon entering a ballpark, my first glimpse of the field’s green grass always makes me smile. Baseball’s spring training has commenced, and for the fans, anticipation of another season is building. For the players, it’s a time for both rookies and veterans to work hard and prepare themselves to play their best. Even though they’ve played ball most of their lives, spring training is always a time of renewal—a focused opportunity to work on perfecting the fundamentals. The same holds true for companies, and that’s why I encourage you to take advantage of our Diamond Certified Spring Training.

The core for your team members is their belief in your company, the attitude they exhibit and their commitment to treating customers well. Now, it’s time to add the fundamentals through technique training. In Diamond Certified Spring Training, we’ll show your team the best ways to present your company as top-rated: in-person, on the phone, by email, through social media and on the web.

Your company has earned Diamond Certified and maintained its top-rated status. Most of your competitors haven’t earned it, so presenting your company as Diamond Certified has never been more important to quality-seeking consumers. We’ll conduct a 30-minute Diamond Certified Spring Training at your location and supercharge you and your staff. Call us today to schedule it.

The Diamond Certified Digital Program: Your Report = Best Page Ever!
I’ve enclosed a sheet that briefly describes key components of the Diamond Certified Digital Program. It gives you a significant digital competitive advantage that starts with the creation and your proper usage of your Diamond Certified Company Report, which includes your Diamond Certified Video Profile. This single page is the best presentation of your company anywhere on the web because it’s trusted, based on ratings, highly visual and complete. By properly linking to it and using it with potential customers, you’ll definitely help drive more confident sales this year.

How to Improve Your Website’s Performance
A key part of your company’s digital presence is your own website. Now, we’re providing turn-key solutions that will improve your site through the addition of a Diamond Certified Widget, which highlights your company’s top-rated status and delivers Diamond Certified Expert Reports in a “Tip of the Day” and in-depth reports about choosing your company. These fresh, expertly researched articles not only help your search position, they also position your company as knowledgeable and helpful.

Your Social Media Solution
Although many company owners know they should be doing more to present their companies in social media, most are too busy or don’t have the expertise to consistently use Facebook and Twitter to grow their businesses. We’ll help you do that!

Attend a Diamond Certified Digital Workshop to Get Started
Come to one of our local Diamond Certified Digital Workshops and you’ll meet other local Diamond Certified company owners, start doing more business together and generate more referrals. We’ll also introduce you to new digital features of the Diamond Certified Program, which have been added for no additional fees. Due to limited space, a reservation is required to confirm your attendance. Please review the enclosed schedule of Diamond Certified Digital Workshops and RSVP at www.diamondcertified.org/rsvp or by calling Sarah Rutan at (800) 738-1138 ext. 313.

Printing Has Begun for April Delivery of the 2012 Diamond Certified Directory!
More than 800,000 of these popular directories will be mailed to homeowners with $75,000+ in household income, select local business owners, property and apartment managers, and insurance and real estate agents throughout the Greater Bay Area. All Diamond Certified companies in good standing will be included in their county’s Directory.

By: Jim Stein, Founder/CEO of American Ratings Corporation, creators of the Diamond Certified Program.

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