How Ratings Make Sense of Nonsense

by GregLouie

The other day, my daughter and I faced a big, if not life-changing, decision: should we go see Guardians of the Galaxy or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Given the cost of movies these days, we didn’t want to be disappointed. Like most consumers, I value the experiences of others. Whether it’s a movie, restaurant, service provider or product, when faced with a decision, I look for third-party information to help me with my choice. So, when my daughter asked which movie we should see, I said, “Let’s check out the reviews.” When I searched both movies on a popular movie review site, I learned that 92% of reviewers recommendedGuardians of the Galaxy. In contrast, only 20% recommended Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

When a consumer sees a company with a high rating, they’re much more likely to call that company for their services. How your company is perceived by potential new customers is crucial for the growth of your company. The more you can differentiate your company based on high customer satisfaction, the more confidence a consumer will have in you even before they pick up the phone. And, a consumer who already trusts you is much more likely to convert from prospect to customer.

By the way, Guardians of the Galaxy was a lot of fun

Weekly Business Intelligence

Greg Louie, Founder and Vice President of Service, understands the value of online ratings from first-hand experience. Photo: American Ratings Corporation (2015)