The Quality Magnet

by Jim Stein

Your team may be very good at satisfying customers, but delivering quality is only half the battle—the other half is convincing the best customers to choose your company instead of a lower priced competitor. Who you do business with matters a lot. If your company mostly attracts price shoppers, you’ll struggle to make ends meet. Low margins will squeeze profits and put a hard cap on your staff’s compensation. On the better side, if your company mostly attracts quality-seeking customers, it will grow with healthy profits and give your key staff new opportunities for enhanced compensation. This is why, whether they realize it or not, everyone on your team has a real stake in attracting good customers, which is critical for your team’s long-term success.

If you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll harness the power of the Quality Magnet. Diamond Certified tools will help your team attract better customers and convert quality shoppers into new customers. Research shows that 2 out of 3 potential customers are influenced by Diamond Certified. If you qualify, you’ll see how your Diamond Certified brochure often helps you convert a shopper into a new customer. Other times, your Diamond Certified status will work as a powerful, invisible magnetic force, pulling in quality customers through all types of media or providing a key data point for intelligent consumers, giving them confidence to choose you.

One example of this Quality Magnet power is how Diamond Certified companies are displayed in Google search results because of their Diamond Certified Company Report web pages. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, the link shown by Google to your Report page will be the most powerful presentation of your company on the Internet because almost every prospect Googles your company name before deciding to choose you, and this trusted Google link summary will show your high Diamond Certified rating score and matching 4-5 stars with the highest number of “reviews” compared to any other link shown. Your Diamond Certified Company Report link in Google search results will be just one Quality Magnet for prospects who want to verify that you’re a quality company. And, those who click through will get deeper proof of your performance. 

Diamond Certified Brochures and eBrochures Prove Quality
The big, gold leaf on the front of every Diamond Certified Brochure is designed to send a strong emotional signal of quality to prospective customers. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, train your team to hand a brochure to every prospect and take one minute to open it and walk through the rating process on one side and the profile of your company and proven high performance (using the ratings dashboard) on the other. Your brochure will prove your team delivers on its promises and delivers for quality-seeking customers. Be sure to attach your eBrochure PDF to each prospect email to reinforce the effect. These tools are Quality Magnets for good customers, but you do have to use them!

Make Your Website Better for Quality-Seeking Prospects
The problem with your website is that it’s “your website”—meaning, to quality-seeking customers, it lacks objectivity. So, if you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll benefit from adding the trusted third-party Diamond Certified symbol and a link to your Company Report page to each of your web pages. Add your Diamond Certified Video Profile to your home page and, if you become a Diamond Certified Expert Contributor, your video tip and link to your bylined expert articles. Do these things and every one of your web pages will increase its magnetic power to attract quality customers.

We Live in a Physical World. The Diamond Certified Symbol Signals Quality.
If you qualify for Diamond Certified, put your Quality Magnet on everything you hand out or mail. Use the Diamond Certified labels, or print letters with the symbol. If you have company uniforms, they should all include the Diamond Certified patch. The Diamond Certified symbol taps into the mind on several levels and gives quality-seeking customers more confidence that what’s being shown and said by your company can be trusted because it has been independently rated Highest in Quality for customer satisfaction.