Quality Customers Want Helpful Expertise

by Jim Stein


Quality Customers want to buy from companies whose team members are upbeat and responsive—whose leaders are experts in their field, provide insights derived from a clear understanding of each customer’s unique requirements and engage with them in a personalized communication style. 

They want Helpful Expertise®.  

Put yourself in a customer’s shoes as she experiences your team’s Attitude, Responsiveness, Personalization, Knowledge and Insightfulness. When you get these five dimensions right, your company shines with Helpful Expertise, elevating you above your middle-of-the-road competitors. Share the following table with your team members and show them how to consistently perform to the Helpful Expertise standard.

The Only Local Company Certification of Quality and Helpful Expertise
You’ve worked hard to earn and maintain your Diamond Certified award. It’s the most accurate rating because we only survey real customers, and it’s the most relevant to quality-seekers because it proves high quality, customer loyalty, Helpful Expertise, and a company’s passing credentials status. 

Your Diamond Certified Company Report is your most powerful bottom-of-the-funnel closer. It helps you win more Competitor Matchups because it presents the analytical with the qualitative: rating charts with video stories, data tables with owner profiles, Key Factors with verbatim survey responses and more.  

When you aggressively deploy your Report, you give quality-seeking shoppers what they want: proof and confidence that they’re choosing a top rated Diamond Certified company. 

Deploy links to your Diamond Certified Company Report in 

  • your company website to boost confidence in your messages and increase contact rates 
  • social media posts to make followers feel that they’re engaging with a super team 
  • email footers to increase each email’s trustworthiness

Deploy your Diamond Certified brochures  

  • with each estimate to increase your win rate 
  • to nervous customers to reduce their worries and
  • make them feel more confident  
  • after each sale to increase your referral rate