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by Jim Stein

According to a March 2010 study by BIA/Kelsey, 97 percent of consumers now use the web to research local products and services. That’s why it’s so important for Diamond Certified companies to maximize the usage of their Diamond Certified Company Report pages at

If you qualify for Diamond Certified, here’s why your Diamond Certified Company Report will become your company’s most influential web page: 

1. “Meaning” on a Single Page
One page captures everything meaningful to prospective customers: ratings, company profile, survey responses, high-definition video, FAQs and more. With a single click, it’s all there and easy to see.

2. Accurate Rating = Analytical Proof of Quality
This is the only page on the web that shows exactly how your company rated Highest in Quality. Graphs and verbatim survey responses from real, verified customers provide analytical proof that your company is top-rated.

3. Third-Party Credibility
Many company websites lose credibility because of unsubstantiated claims. Diamond Certified Company Reports are trusted because they are independent, aren’t riddled with fake reviews and hold the Diamond Certified name in high regard.

4. Diamond Certified Video Profile
Almost all web users have watched a video online in the past month, yet few local companies have great video profiles. The quality of Diamond Certified Video Profiles allows prospective customers to feel like they know and trust a company before the initial contact. This increases response rates and speeds up the buying process!

5. Long List of Survey Responses
Prospective customers want to know if they’ll be satisfied if they buy from you. Besides charts and graphs, verbatim survey responses give them a real sense of WHY your customers rated you so highly.

6. Appeals to Both Left Brain & Right Brain
Your left-brained prospects are analytical and will focus on the Ratings Charts and Company Capabilities Table. Your right-brained prospects are more intuitive and subjective. They’ll focus on your Company Philosophy, Diamond Certified Video Profile, and Photo and Video Gallery.


How to Use Your Most Influential Web Page (if You Qualify for Diamond Certified):

  1. Web: Include a link with link language and symbol* on your website’s homepage and About Us section.
  2. Email: Each employee should include a link with link language and symbol* in every email signature.

*Link language and symbol:

describe the imageSee why Company Name is rated Highest in Quality and has earned the prestigious Diamond Certified award. Click once to see ratings charts, survey responses, company profile, owner philosophy, video profile, capabilities table, comparative summary, frequently asked questions and industry information.

  1. In-person: If you’re at a prospective customer’s home, pull up your Diamond Certified Company Report page on their computer and walk them through it, then save it to their Favorites so they can easily return. Also, many people have a computer in front of them when they’re talking to you on the phone. Have them go to your Report page during the call (you can even email the link to them while you’re on the phone).


Why it’s Important to Elevate Your Brand
To put it simply, customers are buying your brand. Your brand is what they see, feel and think about your company. Elevating your brand in your marketplace is critical for your long-term success. Remember, every customer interaction either moves your brand up or down.

Your company is not the lowest price, but you can prove it consistently performs for customers at a Highest in Quality level. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, you can elevate your brand by maximizing your team’s usage of the Diamond Certified Tools. Your brand will be automatically elevated by being presented on the list of top-rated companies in your local newspaper, in the Diamond Certified Directory and on the highly-trafficked Use the award well and you’ll reap the rewards with long-term success in your marketplace.

By: Jim Stein, Founder/CEO of American Ratings Corporation, creators of the Diamond Certified Program.

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Jim Stein, Founder/CEO of American Ratings Corporation