More Than Just a Rating

by GregLouie

It’s playoff season in the NBA and NHL, and as of this writing, both Bay Area teams are still in the running for their respective championships. No matter what happens over the next few weeks, this is an exciting time for the Golden State Warriors, the San Jose Sharks and their loyal fans. After all, every athlete wants to play for a championship team, just as every professional wants to feel pride in their work.

It’s natural—when business is booming and morale is high, it’s easier to acquire and retain staff because everyone feels like they’re part of a well-oiled machine. This is especially true for your company. You’ve Diamond Certified and been independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®, so you can always rely on the fact that you’ve achieved something truly special.

Just as a championship trophy represents countless hours of hard work and dedication, your Diamond Certified award is much more than just a rating—it’s a promise to consumers that their satisfaction comes first. They know that when they choose you over your competition, they can expect to receive top-quality service. They see that a trustworthy third party has surveyed your past customers and made sure you have all the necessary licenses and insurance coverage. And, most importantly, they feel like they know and trust you before they even meet you.

Sometimes, professional sports teams get so obsessed with gaining small competitive advantages that they lose focus of the fundamentals that made them successful in the first place. No matter what your competition is doing, it’s important to remember that you’ve earned Diamond Certified and they haven’t. Here are some reminders of why that’s important:

Diamond Certified companies succeed.
As a Diamond Certified company, you have unlimited access to digital and print marketing tools that are designed to help you attract more quality-seeking customers. We provide you with inclusion in the quarterly Diamond Certified Directory; researched articles and a video profile; full-color brochures; a powerful report page on; digital, print and TV advertising; and much more. Go to and sign in to your online portal to download a Diamond Certified logo that’s right for any marketing situation.

As a Diamond Certified company, you have access to a wide range of marketing tools that prove your top rated status. Access them in your portal at

Diamond Certified companies perform better digitally.
Google Stars appear next to your company name in online search, which automatically makes your page more credible than others in your industry and attracts more people to your website. Attach the Diamond Certified symbol anywhere people can find your company online. More potential clients will click and learn about how you’re keeping your customers happy.

Diamond Certified companies’ marketing efforts perform better.
When you utilize our Diamond Certified tools, you differentiate your company with the best branding anywhere. Use the Diamond Certified symbol on all your marketing materials to bring in clients who feel it’s justifiable to pay for your high-quality services.

Diamond Certified companies sell more, faster.
Diamond Certified attracts quality-seeking consumers via the Diamond Certified Directory and the highly trafficked website, which means you can cherry-pick the most profitable jobs and increase your transaction rate.

People love Diamond Certified.
We know that’s a bold statement, but we confidently stand by it. We see it time and time again—once a company earns Diamond Certified, its employees feel prouder, its profit margins improve, it performs better digitally and, best of all, it finally knows what its customers are thinking.

Remember, your company has earned Diamond Certified, so you and your staff can always rely on the fact that you’ve achieved something truly special. Photo: American Ratings Corporation ©2019