The Medium is the Message


A half-century ago, Marshall McLuhan coined the phrase, “The medium is the message” to make the point that the context that info resides in (the medium) has a significant impact on the reception of the message; thus, the medium combines with the content to create the meaning. It’s why your company’s profile presented in the Diamond Certified Directory (if you qualify) powerfully elevates your company for quality. It’s why the high-quality/high-trust positioning of our Diamond Certified Resource website is the most powerful context for your potential customers to access Deep Info™ on your company: your essential company articles, expert video and article tips, personal profile, key photos, and company video.

Each month, 30,000 to 50,000 Quality Consumers visit
Why? We keep hearing two main reasons. One, consumers know we spend a lot of time and money conducting the most accurate ratings of customer satisfaction available and back them with our Performance Guarantee. They trust that only companies rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise earn Diamond Certified and are presented on our website. So, the Diamond Certified medium creates a quality halo that is seen by your potential customers as they check out your company’s info. This “medium is the message” dynamic adds significantly to your company’s position as the best choice and speeds up your conversion process of turning shoppers into buyers.

Second, we figure about half the time your potential customer has found you somewhere else and is narrowing down her choice from two or three companies to one. She does a quick search on each finalist company to gain the last bit of info and confidence to make her final decision. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, she’ll see your top rated status in Google search and click to review your page.

Our new Diamond Certified Company Report design will launch this summer.

That’s where your Diamond Certified Company Report, within the context of our high-trust website, helps close the deal (if you qualify). As she researches your company within our medium, her trust and confidence grow. No other medium has our unbiased ratings. None contain the organized depth of Deep Info on each top rated company. None provide the safety of our local help by a real person, plus a guarantee. It works because in this context, your Deep Info reaches her heart and mind and she feels confident in her decision to choose you.