The Making of Your Helpful Expertise®

by GregLouie

The other day, I watched a documentary about the making of Pink Floyd’s groundbreaking 1973 album, The Dark Side of the Moon. It’s an album I’ve heard countless times over the course of my life, but as I watched the band members go into detail about the techniques they used to record those classic songs, it occurred to me that I only knew part of the story. Sure, I know most of the words to “Money,” but I didn’t know that in order to achieve the cash register sounds at the beginning, they had to stretch their reel-to-reel tape across the studio to make it fit with the song’s unusual time signature. And I’ve always loved “The Great Gig in the Sky,” but I never knew Clare Torry recorded her iconic vocal performance in just two takes with almost no preparation.

Now that I’m aware of these details, it gives me a deeper appreciation for the album that I never would’ve had if I didn’t watch the documentary. It also makes me realize that as the owner of a local business, you’re in a similar position. Think about it: Your customers see the results of your high-quality work and excellent customer service, but they don’t always see the hard work and sacrifice it took you and your team to get there. They know you’re great, but they might not know why. That’s where the Diamond Certified Resource comes in.

If you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll have your own behind-the-scenes documentary team available to you at all times—a dedicated group of videographers, writers, editors and marketing professionals who are ready to work on The Making of Your Helpful Expertise®. By contributing your expertise in the form of articles, tip sheets and video tips, you’ll be seen as the owner of a local, top rated company and a noted authority in your field. Also, when potential customers read the human interest story that we write about you, it’ll give them a better perspective of your expertise and humanize you so they identify with you even more. And just like a great album, these Quality Customers will recommend you to their friends and family, further growing your influence throughout the Bay Area.

New Diamond Certified Experts Banner on
I’m pleased to announce the first phase of our plan to present Diamond Certified companies’ Helpful Expertise in more places than ever before: for the next two years, Diamond Certified Experts will be prominently displayed in a banner ad at the top of KTVU’s home page! And it’s not just any ad—each one is geo-coded, which means if you’re a Diamond Certified Expert, your picture and expert tip will show at the top of for every web visitor who lives or works in your local area. Also, when they click the banner ad, they’re taken directly to the Diamond Certified Experts section of your Diamond Certified Company Report page, so they’ll be able to further research your company and learn how you’ve been independently rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise®. We’ll be rotating this banner throughout the year, so every Diamond Certified Expert Contributor will be able to capitalize on this valuable real estate.

Here are some noteworthy stats about the KTVU banner ads, which we expect to have a big impact on your company’s ability to attract Quality Customers (if you qualify for Diamond Certified):

  • In 2017, KTVU’s home page had almost 8.7 million page views.
  • More adults visit than any other Bay Area TV station sites. (Source: Marshall Marketing San Francisco DMA 2017, Target: Adults 18+)
  • More adults use KTVU’s live streaming service than any other Bay Area TV station. (Source: Marshall Marketing San Francisco DMA 2017, Target: Adults 18+)
  • Nearly one in five adults has the KTVU app. (Source: Marshall Marketing San Francisco DMA 2017, Target: Adults 18+)
  • In 2017, our Diamond Certified banner ad on KTVU’s home page garnered almost 7.2 million impressions.

We’re excited to begin this journey of presenting your Diamond Certified Expert Contributions in more places than ever (if you qualify). Quality Customers in your community will see you more often as a local expert who cares. When Quality Customers find you interesting and relatable, they feel that they know, like and trust you before they even meet you, which naturally leads to more business and referrals.