Your Launch!


With the launch of your newly designed Diamond Certified Company Report page, your “Best Page Ever” just got even better (if you qualify for Diamond Certified)! It beats all other presentations of your company for high trust and influence, so you’ll attract and sell more to quality-seeking customers. Starting on the very first page view of your Company Report, your prospective customers instantly see that you’re top rated and guaranteed, and they connect emotionally with your company through your video and lead article. Plus, this gives them easy scroll-down or simple NAVIGATION menu access to Deep InfoTM on your company.

On your second page view, your company’s RESEARCHED CAPABILITIES are presented to engage the logical, fact-based part of the brain. It provides consumers with a table and lists of what you do, the products and manufacturers you represent, and a map of the areas you serve. Certain personality types love using this type of detailed presentation of key data to underpin their decision to choose your company.

On your third page view, your company’s RESEARCHED ARTICLES are presented because most Quality Customers want to read about your company before choosing you. These five essential articles are your company’s most relevant, highest quality and most trusted available anywhere on the web. Together, they’re indispensable to understanding your company’s history, philosophy, expertise and other key attributes.

On your fourth page view, your company’s PHOTO GALLERY is presented so potential customers get to see who they’re going to do business with and how you work. This View Section gets people emotionally involved in your company as they scroll through large, elegant photos of your work and action shots of your friendly staff.

On your fifth page view, your company’s EXPERT CONTRIBUTIONS are presented because when Quality Customers find you interesting and relatable, they feel that they know, like and trust you before they even meet you. You’re seen as the owner of a top rated company and a noted authority in your field—an author published in the prestigious Diamond Certified Resource. And so, your personal recommendations become more influential.

On your sixth page view, your company’s WEBSITE & FEED are provided so everything about your company is accessible on this single high-trust report page: your company’s website, blog posts, social media activities and other positive articles about you. It’s a trusted portal for consumers who still want to gather more info on your company before they choose you. It gives them confidence that they have the most up-to-date info on you from all over the web.

Intelligent consumers are skeptical of review sites littered with fake and cherry-picked reviews. That’s why on your seventh page view, your company’s RATINGS are presented in the web’s most accurate and powerful format. Quality Customers love these four rating boxes that prove your top rated performance and the verbatim survey responses that illuminate each surveyed transaction. Shoppers experience how your company performed before, during and after the work process.

Your new Company Report page gives you a significant competitive advantage and new power to turn shoppers into customers of your company. Here’s why:

BELIEVABILITY – It’s on the most trusted ratings website, the Diamond Certified Resource, not on your company-owned site or a gamed review site, both of which most consumers feel are biased to promote your company.

RELEVANCE – Before they buy, the number one thing Quality Consumers need is real proof that a company delivers. As the page opens, their eyes can’t help but track the animating movement of your rating charts, each of which expands to prove your top rated status. Your company’s reputation as top rated has been instantly planted in your potential customer’s mind.

SAFETY – Quality Consumers feel safe choosing your company because Diamond Certified has their backs if something goes wrong and isn’t fixed. The Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee helps them feel secure and provides another signal that Diamond Certified ratings are the most accurate available.

DEEP INFO – Quality Consumers quickly realize that all the information needed to choose your company is right here, and no other web page can match this depth of information on your company. This realization greatly boosts their confidence because although they rarely want to read every word and look at every picture, Quality Consumers pride themselves on making rational, data-driven decisions based on verified facts.

STORIES – We all love stories about people—they’re how we relate to the world. That’s why we tell a series of stories about you and your company, which come to life in articles, rating charts, videos, photos and tables. Together, they illuminate your company’s distinctive character and high-performance track record, helping Quality Consumers get to know and trust you before they even meet you.

NAVIGATION – Web users like to feel in control, and this page puts them in the driver’s seat. They can scroll down for more info, click on a navigation menu word to jump to the section that most interests them or contact your company at the moment of their choosing.

Deep Info Drives Decisions and Creates Winners and Losers
In today’s world, your best potential customers are on their smartphones and computers all day, interacting with all types of info and people. So, until they actually get to know you and your staff, the only way they find, see, understand, and form strong opinions about you and your company is through info they find. The totality of info available on you and your company is your Deep Info. Thus, interaction with some piece of your Deep Info is the sole reason for consumers’ positive or negative belief in your company, your brand, you, your team and the quality of the work you do. The same goes for your key competitors and how your potential customers compare you to them. Do you get it? You must win the Deep Info matchup to win in the marketplace. If you create better Deep Info than your competitors and get it found more often by the best potential customers, you’ll win more often. If not, you’ll lose more often.