High-Stakes Competition

by Jim Stein


You have a lot of competitors. 

We live in the land of high local company competition, where quality-seeking families have too many choices. Your services aren’t a commodity and if they choose the wrong company, they won’t get the Helpful Expertise they need and the quality relationship they want. And you would lose out on a new Quality Customer! 

The stakes are high for both of you. They have to sort through your competitors’ claims, like, “We’re the best,” “We’ve been in business for decades” and “We’re the only one that uses this special process.” 

You’ve managed your team well. You truly deliver Highest in Quality satisfaction and Helpful Expertise. If you qualify for Diamond Certified, you'll see it's the most powerful tool to fuel your company with Quality Customers for the long term. Make sure you use it well. 

3 Powerful Ways to Win Your Competitor Matchup With Diamond Certified
You help quality-seeking families choose you by using your Diamond Certified status in all of your communication channels (if you qualify). Here are three powerful use cases.

  • Mention your Diamond Certified status on the phone, in emails, and in texts to increase your appointment set rate and reduce your no-show rate.
  • Use your custom Diamond Certified brochures to increase your customer win rate and post-job customer referral rate.
  • Include a link to your Diamond Certified Company Report page in every email and on your website’s homepage. It’s your most powerful bottom-of-the-funnel closer, designed to give quality-seekers the quantitative proof and desire they need to pick you.