Giving Thanks

by Jim Stein

This year has been like none other. Our Diamond Certified company owners have been working hard to make lemonade from lemons, staying strong to help employees while securing the long-term future of their companies.

This is the time of year to thank special people and reflect on outstanding deeds—an ideal precursor for personal and business planning. Besides focusing on family members and friends, I’m pleased to report that on the whole, Diamond Certified companies have done better than most during the COVID-induced changes to our operating environment. Almost all have hung in there, with only a handful failing or picking this time to retire.

We are very proud of our Diamond Certified company owners, managers and teams. You have risen to the challenge and delivered for your customers under difficult conditions. Our entire team at American Ratings Corporation wishes you and your loved ones a wonderful Thanksgiving season.

Optimism and Aggressive Growth Plans for 2021
Some people say you make your own luck. There’s some truth to that. Perseverance and good decisions will take you far. Add some creativity and a knack for adaptation and you can weather most storms. In fact, tough situations (wild storms, shall we say) can draw the best from us and our team. We can come out of this better and stronger than ever. We’ll make our companies antifragile, so they actually gain from disorder.

A Winning Plan
We’re in the final stages of planning for next year, and we’re developing powerful plans to build your company with Quality Customers. We will launch new Diamond Certified promotions and add new Diamond Certified features. We’re going to help you have a great 2021! We’ll announce our winning plan in our January letter.

Next year, you’ll see an increase in both the power of the Diamond Certified Resource and the number of new, quality-seeking customers you generate because of your top rated Diamond Certified status (if you qualify). As always, our philosophy is to add significant value to your Diamond Certified Resource without tacking on any additional charges.