Gaining Competitive Advantages

by Jim Stein

Demand is demand. You can’t do much to control it. It fluctuates based on season, the economy and, nowadays, the rules around COVID. Supply is different. You can take actions that will bring you a bigger and better share of the local demand for services you supply.

Each day, potential customers are choosing local companies in your industry. Sometimes it’s you; sometimes it’s a competitor. The better customers, those who are willing to pay for quality, have a choice, but only a choice between you and your local competitors. Therefore, you’ll win more and better customers when you outdo your competitors, specifically by creating a better operation and a better presentation of your company.

Here are four ways to gain competitive advantages and put your company in a strong position to outperform your main competitors.

Massive Diamond Certified Multimedia Campaign Launches!
The 14 Greater Bay Area newspapers took the unprecedented step of putting our digital Diamond Certified Directory at the top of each local section. Readers simply click once and they’re in. Within seconds, they can find and contact you from your Diamond Certified Company Report (if you qualify). This combines sweetly with our monthly fullpage newspaper ad that presents the Diamond Certified List of Top Rated Local Companies.

Adding promotional fireworks, our new BIG BOOST! is underway. We’re running a record number of radio, TV and internet ads elevating all Diamond Certified companies on a pedestal of Quality and Helpful Expertise. You should take advantage of these campaigns by upping use of your Diamond Certified brochures, eBrochures, labels, signs and Expert Contributor reprints (if you qualify for Diamond Certified).