The Only Directory Guaranteed to Work


If you want to boost your business in 2013, you’ll need to reserve your page in the Diamond Certified Directory now. If you qualify, we guarantee your page will bring you a flow of new customers who care about quality and are willing to pay for it.

How can we guarantee your satisfaction when that isn’t done by any other directory? Because ours is unlike any other you’ve been in. The Diamond Certified Directory works in the exact opposite way of other directories that are primarily used for price shopping. By design, our directory gives you a flow of the better type of customers: families that are seeking a quality local company.

That’s why the Diamond Certified Directory is the most requested directory in Northern California. In the past year alone, we’ve had more than 10,000 families contact us and request one. So, we print 840,000 directories and only mail them to requesting families and homeowners who can afford to pay for quality local companies. These are households that earn more than $75,000 per year in income. They use our Diamond Certified Directory to be absolutely positive that they’re making a good decision. They’re short on time, but smart, so they know they’re best off with a Diamond Certified company that’s rated for quality and backed by our performance guarantee.

Each company in the Diamond Certified Directory is profiled and presented to these higher-income families in a very compelling format. The profile article appeals to news and human interest readers, and the ratings dashboard gives analytical types confidence in their choices. That’s why this directory pulls in thousands of tracked calls per month and has the highest local company retention rate and consumer requester rate of any area directory released in the last 10 years.

We’re very proud of our directory. It’s the most successful directory of local quality companies in our nation, and the facts prove it:

  1. It’s the only one that generates 10,000 tracked phone calls in its first month of being mailed.
  2. It’s the only one that creams the market of customers who care about quality and are willing to pay for it.
  3. It’s the only directory that comes with a valuable package of extras for your company,including:
    • A custom video profile for your company that we create
    • A complete turn-key digital package, including help for your website
    • Google Review Stars that show your company to be highly rated based on a large number of surveys, which helps increase traffic flow to your website
    • Web information articles about your company that help turn shoppers into buyers
    • Custom brochures that help you sell more in the real world
    • Research and tracking that show your exact ROI every month
  4. And, as my headline promised, it’s the only directory that’s guaranteed to work for you.

I invite you to call Greg Louie, our Vice President of Service, at (925) 548-3175 now to see if there’s a page available for your company in our 2013 Directory. If so, we’re so confident you’ll be happy with your results that we guarantee it in writing!