The Brand That Builds


Diamond Certified is the brand that builds your company (if you qualify). It means Quality, Helpful Expertise and Customer Satisfaction, backed by a Performance Guarantee. To create this meaning, we’ve operated the most accurate ratings of local companies available. We’ve spent $50 million+ promoting the meaning of Diamond Certified in the Bay Area over the past 15 years, and we’ve delivered 10 million directories to local Quality Consumers. Plus, Diamond Certified companies have handed out more than 3 million Diamond Certified brochures to help prove their top rated, quality status to local consumers.

big blue logoIf you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll have earned a very valuable brand for influencing Quality Customers. The Diamond Certified brand is intuitive to even those who don’t know it well. It beats other resource brands in attracting and influencing Quality Customers because: 1) “Diamond” means highest quality and “Certified” means authenticated, as in “authenticated quality;” 2) it’s based on the most accurate, statistically reliable ratings, not gamed reviews; and 3) it provides the only local phone help, mediation and Performance Guarantee.

Quality Customers are those who seek quality as their number one shopping priority, can afford to pay for quality and, once they become your customers, take pride in fair dealings and speak well about your company. What influences them to choose your company? Their assessment of your quality, how helpful you are at explaining things, how responsive and friendly your team is, and how well your company is backed if things go wrong. That’s why maximizing your usage of your Diamond Certified brand and its tools (if you qualify) are the best ways to attract and influence these sought-after Quality Customers. I’ve seen that almost every Diamond Certified company can find one more use for this powerful brand. So, if you qualify for Diamond Certified, I encourage you to actively use your top rated status in the following ways:

laptop and phone1. Use it to set better phone and email appointments that are less likely to cancel, less likely to meet with your competitors, and more likely to sign with you. Email links to your Diamond Certified Company Report page and Diamond Certified Expert Home Page and attach your custom Diamond Certified eBrochure.

open brochure2. Use it when you meet with potential customers in person. Use your brochures to visually prove that your higher quality claims are true and your team has been rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise. Hand, mail, and email your custom Diamond Certified brochure/eBrochure and Diamond Certified Expert Contributor Reprints to each prospect and customer.

DCC website3. Use it on your website and in your company’s social media to provide powerful proof of quality performance at the moment when a potential client is researching your company. On each page of your website, link back to your Diamond Certified Company Report page by placing the Diamond Certified symbol link with the following link language: “Diamond Certified: See how we’ve been rated Highest in Quality and Helpful Expertise.”

dc label4. Use it to superglue the loyalty of customers and give them more confidence in referring your company. Because of your Diamond Certified status, they see that your company is rated very highly by its own customers across the board.