A Productive Partnership

by admin

As a consumer, I’ve been using the Diamond Certified Directories and giving preference to Diamond Certified companies throughout the Bay Area for years. Recently, I’ve had a chance to start working more closely with the Diamond Certified Program through a strategic partnership between American Ratings Corporation and Comcast Spotlight. In turn, I’ve begun paying closer attention to the messaging and strategies used by its top-rated companies.

I always knew the Diamond Certified Program was well respected by its qualified companies, but I had no idea that our business models and value propositions were so closely aligned. The Diamond Certified Program attracts consumers who care about quality and helps companies bring in new customers, build their reputations and boost their referral rates. At Comcast Spotlight, we’re in the business of helping local companies with their marketing and sales challenges by strategically targeting known consumers with
ongoing, customizable media campaigns.  

As is the case for many Diamond Certified local companies, the Comcast Spotlight business model is based on getting results for our clients, which leads to renewals. We’re grateful to have the Diamond Certified Program in our marketplace—it makes it easier to work with top-rated companies who understand the value of customer satisfaction, which simplifies our job as a key advertising partner.

When a company provides a positive customer satisfaction experience that’s built on the theme of “value,” it doesn’t have to rely on its advertising to drive new opportunities with each impression it delivers. So, it’s a major advantage to allow the advertising vehicles to let the message both reconfirm and drive the customer experience with current customers. This way, a company’s message of value and commitment to customer satisfaction become strategic competitive advantages over its competitors. In the long term, this represents a strategy where price and item become less important as advertising drivers for new customers, which is great for long-term margins and customer retention.

Comcast Spotlight has numerous products that help local companies reach consumers in cost-efficient ways by focusing on specific trading areas and ensuring there’s virtually no “media waste” on consumers who don’t offer first-time and long-term potential. However, without an internal commitment to customer satisfaction from the companies we work with, the opportunity for real, long-term success (no matter how good the advertising) is fairly minimal.

We at Comcast Spotlight are armed and ready to help each Diamond Certified company with its sales or marketing challenges. We know Diamond Certified company owners are committed to a high level of customer satisfaction and believe in the value of customer retention, and that’s exactly what we plan to deliver.


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