The 80% Solution


awareness graphIf you qualify for Diamond Certified, you’ll have done the hard part: managed your company to consistently achieve high customer satisfaction. For the great benefit of your company, your next step will be to optimize your team’s usage of your Diamond Certified status because most of your potential customers are influenced by it. To accomplish this, I propose that you implement my 80% Solution, which means using Diamond Certified in at least 80% of the situations where you have the opportunity to use it.

Take a look at the following list of possible uses of Diamond Certified. If your company earns Diamond Certified, you’ll check off the ones that are relevant for your business. Then you’ll determine whether you’re actually using Diamond Certified in the cases that you could be by marking each item that you’re currently doing.

popular uses 121 uses 2

If you earn Diamond Certified, you’ll win the “80% Solution Game” when you and your team use your top rated status in at least 80% of the situations that you could use it. And the game is definitely worth winning because you get these great prizes: 1) new customers who care about quality, 2) increased customer retention rates and referrals, 3) a more valuable company brand, 4) an enhanced reputation, and 5) a more compelling digital presence.