Industry Spotlight: American Dental Association

by James Florence

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Member Benefits & Professional Development
The ADA provides a wide range of benefits for its dentist members, from college loan refinancing to health and retirement plans. Additionally, the organization supplies a wealth of educational and data resources to help professionals stay current with the latest developments in dentistry. Some of these include online continuing education courses, informative websites like its Center for Professional Success and publications like its award-winning Journal of the American Dental Association. By keeping its members educated and up-to-date, the ADA demonstrates its commitment to promoting professional excellence in the dental field.

Science-Based Research
The ADA seeks to improve dental techniques and technology through science-based research. Its Center for Evidence-Based Dentistry (EBD) was designed to bridge the gap between cutting-edge research findings and the daily practice of dentistry. The EBD’s website provides access to systematic reviews, critical summaries and clinical recommendations, rendering the latest scholarly findings into a user-friendly presentation.

The ADA also uses its science-based research to evaluate the safety and efficacy of oral health products manufactured for public consumption. From toothpastes and dental flosses to mouth rinses and denture adherents, there are more than 300 products that currently display the ADA Seal of Acceptance, which has become a recognizable symbol of safety and effectiveness.

Public Awareness
The ADA utilizes a variety of outlets to communicate the importance of oral health to the general public, starting with its consumer website,, which provides user-friendly access to crucial oral health information. Each February, the ADA holds National Children’s Dental Health Month to raise awareness about the importance of oral health at an early age. Additionally, the ADA was a key contributor in developing “Two Minutes, Twice a Day”: a campaign that encourages children to brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day. To ensure exposure beyond the English-speaking population, the ADA makes all web and print materials available in Spanish.

The ADA Foundation is dentistry’s foremost philanthropic and charitable organization, providing scholarships for dental students, advocating for children’s dental health and supplying disaster relief to affected members. By uniting people and organizations in the service of altruistic endeavors, the ADA Foundation seeks to make a positive impact through dental health.

Political Advocacy
As the nation’s leading oral health advocate, the ADA makes its presence known on Capitol Hill, fighting for the things that matter to dentists and their patients. By lobbying Congress and the Administration, the ADA is unceasing in its efforts to influence public policies that affect the practice of dentistry and the oral health of the American public.

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