Industry Organization Spotlight: Build It Green

by James Florence

Build It Green is a nonprofit organization dedicated to changing the way homes are built and renovated in California by emphasizing aspects like conservation, sustainability, and health. In partnering with builders, contractors, architects and realtors, the organization’s stated mission is “to help professionals adopt Green practices and grow the market for efficient, healthy homes.”

Build It Green offers training and certification programs for professionals in all spheres of the building and remodeling industry. Contractors, architects and engineers can become Certified Green Building Professionals by taking a two-day course that introduces the key principles of Green building. Likewise, realtors can earn Green Designation through a series of training courses that teach how to advise clients in making environmentally-friendly choices.

GreenPoint Rated Program
Build It Green’s GreenPoint Rated certification program provides third-party verification of a home’s compliance with Green standards. Qualifying homes receive a rating (Silver, Gold or Platinum) based on how well they perform in five assessment categories: energy efficiency, water conservation, indoor air quality, resource conservation and community. Building professionals can utilize the GreenPoint Rated program to make their work stand apart from that of their competition, as each project is certified by an independent Build It Green rater.

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