Please Give Us More Icing on the Cake!

by Chris Bjorklund

Businesses are finding creative ways to make customers feel special. Photo: CC0 Creative Commons ©2019

It often surprises me how little it takes to brighten someone’s day. I wish more businesses understood that sometimes even a tiny thing can perk you up or just make you smile.

For example, I was window-shopping at an outdoor mall when I came across free organic lemons outside of a storefront. The owner had more bowls of fruit at the sales counter. This small gesture wasn’t just a conversation starter—I was lured inside to see the merchandise and left with a positive feeling about the place. I didn’t buy anything that day, but I will return.

Another time, I ordered a chili dog for a quick lunch from a local food truck. To my surprise, it was served with a lollipop for dessert. Why would such a simple treat tickle me? Perhaps it was because it was completely unexpected, or the one fun thing that happened on a dreary day, or something that took me back to being a kid again? I’m not really sure.

The last “feel good” moment I want to share with you came with an online purchase. I needed a queen-size duvet set and found the perfect thing in a natural linen color. I had never done business with the company before but the product reviews were positive. Now I can see why. First, the duvet and shams are of excellent quality. They’re exactly what I wanted and I love them. Second, I received a handwritten thank-you note inside the box. Also, the company included a “thank you for your feedback” card that explained how to contact them if I wasn’t completely satisfied and listed all the ways to review them. And the icing on the cake? A free white linen dishtowel!