How to Recognize and Avoid Magazine Subscription Scams

by Chris Bjorklund

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC), the nation’s consumer protection agency, wants consumers to beware of telephone sales pitches for magazine subscriptions. While some offers may be legitimate, many are not. Agreeing to buy could result in years of monthly bills for magazines you don’t want, or you could end up paying for a magazine you never even receive.

Solicitors may try to lower your guard by saying they’re just calling to conduct a survey. To protect yourself, don’t ever give your credit card or other personal information to any caller. Don’t agree to anything you don’t receive in writing first. Before you accept an offer to renew a subscription, check the expiration date to determine if it’s really coming up. Also, be cautious of magazine subscriptions sold door-to-door. Contact your state attorney general or local consumer protection office to report a scam.