How to Join a Class Action Lawsuit

by Chris Bjorklund


Every so often, I receive a notice that says I may be part of a class action lawsuit against a particular company and entitled to damages. Even if you haven’t received a class action notice but you hear news about a case where you might have been impacted, with a little research you can find out if the case is still pending and whether you can file a claim. 

Consumer Action, a San Francisco-based nonprofit, has a consumer-friendly website that allows you to search its Class Action Database for significant class actions. You can find out if a case is open, pending or closed. Deadlines for filing a claim are noted. For example, if you bought a MacBook with a defective keyboard between 2015 and 2019, you have until March 6, 2023, to file. You can search by company name or by the deadline calendar. By clicking through a link on the homepage, you can also get tips on how to start a class action lawsuit if you think other consumers have similar complaints to yours and the company won’t settle up. 

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