Home, Health and Auto Checklist: January 2018

by Suzanne Carroll

From gutters and gardens to oil changes and tire rotations, it can be challenging to keep up with the annual maintenance for your home and car. And let’s not forget that the Bay Area is a unique place where seasonal maintenance looks a little different. Where else in the country do you have heavy fog one month and wildfire risk the next? That’s why we’ve created the 2018 Diamond Certified Home Service Calendar. It’s designed to help Bay Area residents organize and execute all their maintenance tasks throughout the year, and it also features numerous helpful tips and insider knowledge from Diamond Certified Expert Contributors.

Best of all, the calendar is free for all Bay Area consumers who take a short tour of our newly redesigned website. Go to diamondcertified.org and get a great start to 2018!

January Maintenance Checklist 

  • Get your remodeling project started early. Select your team (contractor, interior designer), establish your budget and determine permit requirements. Read more on home remodeling.
  • Replace your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors with the latest models. These “one-time use” detectors have a 10-year lifespan. Read more on fire prevention.
  • After a minor auto collision, save time by taking snapshots of insurance cards and driver’s licenses with your smartphone. Read more on auto collisions.
  • Get a jump on your taxes by sending 2017 financial documents to your tax preparer as soon as you receive them. Read more on preparing your taxes.