Have You Packed Your “Go Bag” Yet?

by Chris Bjorklund
emergency bag

Whether you’re preparing for an earthquake or the next wildfire season, part of your planning should include creating what safety experts call a “go bag.” My problem is that every time I start to prepare, I only get partway there and never complete the task. Sound familiar?

Well, this year I’m using a checklist from PG&E and getting it done. Building a go bag means stocking one gallon of water for each person in your household for three days. In my case, I need six gallons. (Water needs to be refreshed every year.) Stock up on nonperishable nutritious food (enough for three days) and don’t forget the can opener! Other things to include are a first aid kit, a flashlight and batteries, duct tape, backup medications and essential medical records, cash in small denominations, extra clothing, and comfortable shoes.

After reading other articles and hearing from friends who’ve been evacuated because of wildfires, I found a few other things that I hadn’t thought of doing. Make sure you have face masks (N95s are best) in your go bag and a full tank of gas. Also, along with copies of important documents, don’t forget to add a list of your passwords. For more information from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) on creating a basic emergency kit, check this out.