What to Expect From an Air Duct Cleaning Service

by admin

Air duct cleaning should be performed by professionals who are ready to do the full job. You need to make sure that all the components of your heating and cooling system are cleaned properly. A standard air duct cleaning service should cover the following points:

Clean and Reset System Components
There are supply registers, return air grilles, and diffusers that are spread throughout your house as part of the heating and cooling system. These should all be removed, cleaned and returned to their places during the air duct cleaning.

Clean Plenums
Plenums are boxes that attach the devices that heat or cool the air to the rest of the ductwork that spreads through the house. Both the return and supply air plenums need to be cleaned, and you should make sure the supply plenum in particular does not have moisture built up.

Seal Access Panels
Sometimes, your air duct cleaning professional will need to cut access panels to get at parts of the system to cool it. You should make sure the access panels are properly sealed after the cleaning.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning
Both the air-stream side of the heat exchanger and the secondary heat exchanger must be cleaned.

Remove, Clean and Reinstall
The blower motor should be removed and cleaned, along with its housing and assembly. The blades must not have oil or other dust, nor should the blower compartment as a whole.

Clean Evaporator
The evaporator coil, pan and drain must be cleaned. You should be able to point a flashlight at the coil and have the light shine through. If not, the coil is not clean.

Replace Air Filter
During air duct cleaning services, all dirty air filters should be removed. Their replacements should match the efficiency rating recommended by the heating or cooling system’s manufacturer.

Wash the Air Cleaner
The air cleaner should also be washed as part of the air duct cleaning.

Clean Supply Ductwork
Make sure the ductwork that sends the air supply to the rooms in your house is cleaned during the air duct cleaning process.

Clean Return Ductwork
Make sure the return ductwork, which sends air back to the heating or cooling device, is clean.