Types of Garage Doors


Before purchasing a new garage door, it’s important to know the full spectrum of your options.

Sectional garage doors are segmented into large subdivisions along the breadth of the door. The sections of the door open upward into the ceiling space of the garage.

Insulated garage doors have a high R-value factor, which means they have more insulation in order to keep the garage warmer during winter.

These are similar to the swing-out wood doors used on garages and barns. Today, carriage doors are installed using modern technology, and they operate like modern doors but look like old-style carriage doors.

Swing panel garage doors are similar to the traditional doors that are hinged to the opening of the door. Because these types of doors require space in front of the garage so the door can be easily opened, they’re not recommended for narrow or short driveways.

Steel garage doors are known for their durability. They’re available in classic raised panels as well as contemporary long panels. Many steel doors have a low-maintenance finish that keeps them looking great year after year.

Fiberglass garage doors consist of a fiberglass exterior placed over a steel or aluminum frame. They’re lightweight and corrosion-resistant, and they can even imitate the look of wood.

Roll-up garage doors are usually made of steel and are an ideal option for garages with space problems or short and narrow driveways. The doors are made from narrow strips of aluminum and don’t have any overhang, swing or reduction in width.

Wood garage doors are strong, versatile and built to last. Natural wood doors require ongoing maintenance and are susceptible to warping over time. Composite wood garage doors offer the aesthetic of wood but are lower maintenance and less susceptible to warping and other issues.

Aluminum garage doors share many of the characteristics of steel garage doors with optional faux wood texturing and long-lasting finishes. Aluminum is lighter and less expensive than steel, but it’s more likely to dent.

Vinyl garage doors are durable, weather-resistant and low-maintenance, and they often come with lifetime warranties.

Commercial garage doors are specifically made for commercial and industrial use. A wide array of styles are made to meet the needs of businesses, including insulated and non-insulated, high-performance, sectional steel, and fire-rated doors.