Signing a Contract With a Garage Door Company


After you find a garage door company that meets all your ideals, it’s time to ask for a written contract. This contract should include written details on the price, quality and materials to be used, as well as the job start date and intended completion date.

Before you sign the contract, make sure you understand all the terms and limitations. The contract you sign is binding and should protect your property and your interests, as well as those of your contractor. For this reason, you should never sign a blank or incomplete estimate.

When signing the contract, don’t hesitate to write in special requests or verbal agreements. This will protect you and help ensure you get the services you’ve agreed on. Along with end dates and any special instructions, these add-ons may include related issues that aren’t always covered by a standard contract. For example, regardless of how careful your contractor promises to be, sometimes damage can unexpectedly occur when installing a garage door.

But you can protect your property by being proactive. Before the work begins, schedule a walkthrough with the company supervisor and conduct a pre-work inspection of your property. List or photograph your garage and speak with a company representative about reasonable expectations for protecting your garage during the work. When you’ve reached an agreement, both you and the contractor should sign and date the document. When the work is done, do a final inspection together and verify that your expectations were met.