Popular Home Siding Services and Products


Siding contractors in Santa Clara County provide all types of siding projects. Following is a list of the most popular siding projects.

Vinyl siding
Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors. Vinyl siding expands and contracts in all seasons due to the way it is installed. The major advantages to vinyl siding are that it is inexpensive and never needs painting.

Composite siding
Created from almost any material such as shredded wood, binders, glue, and Portland cement, manufactured siding is made to resemble natural wood. It is built to withstand rain, wind, hail and insects. It is also available in a variety of colors.

Solid core siding
Similar to vinyl siding, solid core siding has characteristics which make it difficult to distinguish from actual wood siding.

Wood siding
Wood siding is manufactured in several different types such as clapboard, singles, lap or shake. Panels are applied horizontally or vertically, and finishes range from paint to stains to sealants. Though wood siding is beautiful, it does require maintenance and can rot.

Log siding
The advantage to log siding is that it can make your home look like a log home without rebuilding it. Log siding comes in half logs and quarter logs. The finishes are knotted, smooth or hand-hewn for the authentic log-home appearance. Some log siding simply resembles wood and is available in vinyl or steel. Pine or cedar are the most common wood choices for log siding.

Aluminum siding
Aluminum siding looks very similar to vinyl siding. Though the color can face and aluminum siding can become dented, it expands and contracts with the temperature. Aluminum siding can also be painted.

Stone siding
Stone siding products today are natural and simulated. The most expensive of all siding options, article stone faces are easier to install and lighter. Most applications have a water resistant paper that covers a wall sheathing on which metal lath is secured. The stone is then set into mortar.

Concrete siding
Available in many different colors and finishes, concrete siding is affordable, durable, and flexible. It is cheaper than stone or brick and more durable than vinyl or aluminum. Concrete siding offers the look of traditional wood siding but it has lower maintenance costs.


Frequently Requested Exterior Siding Brands

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  • HardiPlank Siding
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  • LP Siding
  • Crane Siding
  • Alside Siding
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