Learn From Previous Indoor Air Quality Customers

When requesting a list of references from an air quality professional, make sure you get all the information you need.

Most importantly, you should specifically ask for a list of the company’s five most recent customers. This will make it difficult for them to only give you the names of customers whom they know were satisfied. Then call several of the references and ask them specific questions about the indoor air quality contractor you’re considering.

Here are some questions to ask an air quality company’s references:

  • What was the nature of your indoor air quality project?
  • If you installed new heating or air conditioning units, what features, models or manufacturers were you especially impressed by? Are there any additional features you wish you would have selected?
  • Was the work completed in a timely manner?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of the work you received?
  • Did you encounter unanticipated costs or contractual disagreements?
  • Did you feel you received a fair price?
  • Why did you choose to work with this specific indoor air quality contractor?
  • What were you most pleased or displeased with?
  • Would you hire this contractor for another project?


If you’re looking for further assurance of a quality hire, consider choosing a Diamond Certified air quality contractor. All Diamond Certified companies have passed an in-depth rating process that most other companies can’t pass. Diamond Certified reports are available online for all certified companies. You’ll never be fooled by fake reviews because all research is performed in live telephone interviews of actual customers. That’s why you’ll have confidence when you use Diamond Certified to find an indoor air quality professional.