Learn from Previous Bathtub and Shower Customers

Previous customers can give you a wealth of information about the kind of work you’ll get from a contractor before you even sign a contract. All Diamond Certified companies are rated on the basis of independent research and carefully conducted consumer surveys that leave little room for doubt about the kind of service you’ll receive.

You can read Diamond Certified reports profiling all certified companies, including survey responses. You’ll never have to worry about dubious ratings or fabricated reviews, because Diamond Certified research is conducted using telephone interviews of a large, random sample of actual customers.

If you can’t find a Diamond Certified bathtub and shower contractor near you, you can still collect references from the contractors you contact. Taking a little time to survey previous customers on their experience with a contractor removes much of the guesswork involved in selecting the contractor that’s right for you.

Keep in mind, though, that references provided to you by the bathtub and shower contractors themselves are not equal in value to the large random sample of customers surveyed during the Diamond Certified ratings process. That’s because references given to customers from companies are cherry-picked instead of randomly selected from all their customers.

Request a list of the contractors five most recent customers and contact them with questions about their experience with the contractor and satisfaction with the finished product. Some relevant questions include:

  • What was the nature of your bathtub and shower project?
  • Was the work completed in a timely manner?
  • Were you satisfied with the quality of the work you received?
  • Did you encounter unanticipated costs or contractual disagreements?
  • Did you feel you received a fair price?
  • Why did you choose to work with this specific bathtub and shower contractor?
  • What were you most pleased or displeased with?
  • Would you hire this bathtub and shower contractor for another project?