Glossary of Terms for Kitchen and Bath Contractors


Educate yourself on commonly used kitchen and bathroom remodeling terminology.

The exposed area between upper cabinets and countertops. This area is usually painted, tiled or covered by an extended piece of countertop. Decorative backsplash options are available.

Also known as: sink backsplash

bathroom and kitchen additions
These expand existing space by adding square footage to the home. This type of remodel is more invasive and may take longer than a typical remodel, but it allows homeowners to make drastic changes to their spaces.

Also known as: adding on, master bathroom addition, new kitchen addition, new bathroom addition, add a second bathroom

bathroom and kitchen flooring
Flooring options for kitchens and bathrooms include tile, natural stone, wood, laminate, vinyl, bamboo, cork and linoleum. Kitchen and bathroom contractors offer different flooring choices and installation methods to match their clients’ requirements.

Also known as: new flooring, bath flooring, kitchen flooring, kitchen and bath flooring installation

bathroom designs
Most bathroom remodels include a redesign of the space. This may include moving or removing walls, adding space, or reconfiguring existing space. Bathroom designs can make rooms larger (or appear larger) and drastically change their appearance and functionality. Bathroom design styles include contemporary, old world, traditional and spa.

Also known as: bath redesigns, bath designs, bathroom redesigns, bathroom trends, custom bathroom designs

bathroom remodeling
Types of bathroom remodeling include new bathroom designs, bathroom makeovers, bath redecorating and bathroom expansions. Remodels can change the appearance and style of a bathroom and increase home values.

Also known as: bathroom remodels, bath remodel, bathroom makeover, bathroom redecorating, bathroom decorating ideas, renovation bathroom, redo bathroom, bathroom restoration

bathtub refinishing
The act of repairing and resealing an old bathtub. This allows a homeowner to keep their original bathtub and improve the appearance of the fixture. Bathtub refinishing includes changing the color of a bathtub, removing surface damage like chips and cracks, removing deep-set stains, reglazing, and tile replacement and repair. Refinished bathtubs can be easier to clean and look like new.

Also known as: bath tub refinishing, porcelain refinishing, fiberglass bath tub refinishing, acrylic bathtub refinishing services

cabinet refacing
The process of putting new facades on existing cabinets or repainting and refinishing existing cabinet fronts. Cabinet refacing is less costly than installing new cabinets and can have the same visual results.

Also known as: cabinet repainting, cabinet refinishing, reface cabinets

Kitchen and bathroom countertops come in a variety of styles and materials, including granite, engineered stone (Cambria Quartz, Silestone, Zodiaq, Viatera), concrete, stainless steel, wood (also known as butcher block counters), solid surface (Swanstone, Avonite, Corian), ceramic tile, marble and soapstone.

Also known as: counter tops, counters, kitchen counter tops, kitchen counters, bathroom countertops, bathroom counters

A free-standing combination of cabinets and a countertop. Islands are most commonly used in kitchens and provide extra work space. Some islands are permanently affixed to the floor; others are built on wheels or casters.

Also known as: kitchen island, movable island, free-standing island

kitchen and bathroom cabinets
New bathroom and kitchen cabinetry changes the look and functionality of a room. Cabinets come in RTA (ready to assemble), semi-custom and custom. Cabinet prices vary depending on materials and quality.

Also known as: kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinetry, bath cabinets, bathroom cabinetry, custom bathroom cabinets, custom kitchen cabinets, cabinet installation

kitchen and bathroom renovations
Renovations change the appearance of existing rooms, making them more appealing and functional. Room renovations include layout changes (adding workspace, extending countertops) and changes to style and decor (new appliances, updated flooring and paint).

Also known as: kitchen renovating, bathroom renovating, kitchen renovation, bath renovation

kitchen designs
These are usually drawn by a professional kitchen designer. Kitchen designs can be illustrated with simple line drawings, or they may be more in-depth and include blueprints, technical drawings, paint samples, and appliance and fixture choices.

Also known as: kitchen redesigns, kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodel, kitchen makeover, kitchen decorating, kitchen redecorating

kitchen expansion
A kitchen can be expanded by removing or moving walls, spreading out the kitchen into an adjoining room, and building a home addition onto an existing kitchen.

Also known as: adding-on, kitchen additions

kitchen makeovers
Makeovers are less invasive than remodeling and expansions, and they change the look of a home without as much mess or expense. Popular kitchen makeover styles include traditional, contemporary, country, rustic and old world.

Also known as: kitchen redesigning, kitchen decorating, kitchen redecorating, kitchen designs

kitchen remodeling
This encompasses everything from simple makeovers and redecorating to major renovations and expansions. Kitchen contractors provide a full range of remodeling services, including installing new flooring and cabinets, moving walls, adding windows, and upgrading fixtures and appliances.

Also known as: kitchen remodeling, kitchen remodels, redo kitchen, remodel kitchen, renovate kitchen, kitchen renovations

A bathroom vanity is the fixture that includes the bathroom sink and the storage furniture or cabinet around the sink.

Also known as: bathroom vanity, bathroom vanities, bath vanities, vanity cabinets, lighted vanities, custom vanities, wall-mounted vanity, standing vanity, stand-alone vanity, sink vanity, double vanity, sink cabinets, vanity cabinets, bathroom vanity sinks

work triangle
In order to make a kitchen space more functional, the refrigerator, main sink and cooking area should form a triangle when the points are connected.

Also known as: kitchen triangle, kitchen work triangle

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