Glossary of Key Terms for Exterior Siding Contractors

Below are key home siding contractor terms and descriptions that will help you navigate your way through your siding project from beginning to end.

aluminum siding
Aluminum siding looks very similar to vinyl siding. Though the color can face and aluminum siding can become dented, it expands and contracts with the temperature. Aluminum siding can also be painted.

Below are key home siding contractor terms and descriptions that will help you navigate your way through your siding project from beginning to end.

aluminum siding
Aluminum siding looks very similar to vinyl siding. Though the color can face and aluminum siding can become dented, it expands and contracts with the temperature. Aluminum siding can also be painted.

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brick siding
Because it is made from fired clay, brick siding is not susceptible to dry rot due to the fact that it doesn’t burn. Maintenance of brick exteriors involves repointing-replacing mortar in between the bricks. The advantage of brick exteriors is that they can last a century.

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cedar shake siding
Cedar shake siding is slim, hand cut pieces of wood that give the outside of a home a rustic look. Cedar shake siding is often used for somewhat old-fashioned, traditional homes that are in a woodsy or rural setting. Cedar shake siding is durable and long lasting but can be very expensive.

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cedar siding
Cedar siding is made from cedar tree and is considered superior in quality to vinyl or aluminum siding. Cedar siding is highly durable and resistant to decay from insects or moisture.

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commercial siding
Commercial siding is used for commercial buildings and is known for its low maintenance, high standards for resistance to weather, corrosion, and fire, and high durability. Commercial siding options include fiberglass paneling and metal panels.

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composite siding
Created from almost any material such as shredded wood, binders, glue, and Portland cement, composite siding, also known as manufactured siding, is made to resemble natural wood. It is built to withstand rain, wind, hail and insects. It is also available in a variety of colors.

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concrete siding
Available in many different colors and finishes, concrete siding is affordable, durable, and flexible. It is cheaper than stone or brick and more durable than vinyl or aluminum. Concrete siding offers the look of traditional wood siding but it has lower maintenance costs.

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exterior siding
Exterior siding is siding used for the exterior or your home. Siding is used to shed water and protect a home or building from the effects of weather. Siding increases the appearance, value, and insulation of a building structure.

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fiber cement siding
This is a siding option that gives the look of wood without the hassles and costs associated with wood siding. It is durable because it is termite-resistant, water-resistant, non-combustible and comes with an extended warranty.

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house siding
This is siding that is used on the exterior of a house.

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log siding
Log siding can make your home look like a log home without rebuilding it. Log siding comes in half logs and quarter logs. The finishes are knotted, smooth or hand-hewn for the authentic log-home appearance. Some log siding simply resembles wood and is available in vinyl or steel. Pine or cedar are the most common wood choices for log siding.

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masonite siding
This is the primary siding used in tract homes. Known as cardboard, clapboard, or hardboard, masonite siding is made of wood chips that are held together with glue, wax and resin. An inexpensive siding, it is easy to install and resembles real wood without all of the hassle of wood. It is less prone to infect infestations and uses fewer trees during the manufacturing process.

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metal siding
This comes in a variety of metals, styles and colors. It is a common choice for industrial buildings.

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residential siding
This is an exterior siding used for homes. Residential siding is used to shed water and protect a home from the effects of weather. Residential siding increases the appearance, value, and insulation of a home.

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shake siding
This is a home siding made from shakes which are pieces of wood split from a log. Most wood shake siding is made from cedar, but pine, redwood and many other woods can be used as well. Vinyl shake siding is low maintenance and a less costly alternative to wood shake siding. Shake siding has long splits that overlap in a pattern that covers the exterior of the home.

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shingle siding
This is an option for siding that is usually manufactured from red cedar. Depending on the climate, it weathers to a medium brown or silvery gray. There are various kinds of shingles such as wood shingles, shakes, or non-wood shingles.

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siding installation
This is the process of installing siding on the exterior of a structure.

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siding repair
This is a reference to repairing damaged siding on the exterior of a building or home.

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steel siding
This is a type of siding used for the exterior of buildings that is very durable and resistant to weather.

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stucco siding
Stucco siding can be rough, smooth, or somewhere in between. Stucco exteriors need to be water tight so that water doesn’t seep underneath it, separating the material from the home.

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vertical siding
This is a siding that is also referred to as panel siding. It is rectangular in shape and never overlapped.

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vinyl siding
Made of PVC (polyvinyl chloride), vinyl siding comes in a variety of colors. Vinyl siding expands and contracts in all seasons due to the way it is installed. The major advantages to vinyl siding are that it is inexpensive and never needs painting.

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wall siding
This is material such as shingles or boards that are used for surfacing the outside walls of a frame building.

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wood siding
Wood siding is manufactured in several different types such as clapboard, singles, lap or shake. Panels are applied horizontally or vertically, and finishes range from paint to stains to sealants. Though wood siding is beautiful, it does require maintenance and can rot.

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