Glossary of Garage Door Terms and Services


The terms and descriptions below can help you better communicate with your contractor about your garage door service.

aluminum garage doors
These doors share many of the characteristics of steel garage doors, but they come with optional faux wood texturing and long-lasting finishes. Aluminum garage doors are lighter and less expensive than steel garage doors, but they’re more likely to dent.

automatic garage doors
These doors use a device that automatically opens and closes them.

carriage garage doors
New residential carriage garage doors are like the swing-out wood doors used on garages and barns. Today, carriage doors are installed using modern technology, and they operate like modern doors but look like old-style carriage doors.

Also known as: carriage garage door hardware, carriage house garage door, steel carriage garage doors, garage carriage doors, carriage style garage doors

commercial garage doors
These doors are made specifically for commercial and industrial use. A wide array of styles are made to meet the needs of businesses, including insulated and non-insulated, high-performance, sectional steel, and fire-rated doors.

custom garage door replacement
If you need your garage door replaced, some companies sell a variety of custom-built garage doors. These doors come in a variety of paint finishes and are made from material that offers strength and durability.

garage door cable repair
Garage doors have a cable system that allows them to safely open and close. If a cable breaks, it will need to be repaired. Most garage door companies provide maintenance and repair for garage doors.

Also known as: garage door cable replacement, garage door panel repair, garage door cable repair do it yourself, how to fix garage door cables, replace garage door cables

garage door motor repair
If you have a garage door that works off of a lift system rather than manually, the lift system uses a motor. If the garage door isn’t opening or closing easily, there could be a problem with the motor. A local garage door company should be able to repair or replace the garage door motor and get your garage door back in working order.

Also known as: garage door motors, garage door repairs, garage door replacement

garage door opener repair
If your automatic garage door opener no longer works, it may need to be repaired. Most garage door companies offer repair work for garage door openers.

Also known as: how to fix garage door opener, garage door repair, garage door opener repair parts, how to fix a garage door opener

garage door openers
Garage door openers vary in terms of performance, features and durability. They have safety and security features, and they’re available with a variety of horsepower levels and drive systems for all types of homes and applications. Garage door openers are proven to withstand even the harshest elements, as well as years of extended use. They’re available with innovative accessories that are designed to make home access even more convenient.

garage door parts
Garage door companies offer a complete line of garage door replacement parts, including extension springs, torsion springs, locking hardware, and cables.

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garage door problem troubleshooting
If you’re having a problem with your garage door (it won’t go down using the transmitters, it closes down to the floor, it hesitates and reverses back up to the open position, it closes and opens by itself, etc.), the best thing to do is troubleshoot to try and find the root of the problem. If needed, you can always call a garage door company to repair the garage door onsite.

Also known as: garage door problems, garage door troubleshooting, garage door opener troubleshooting, troubleshooting garage door opener problems

garage door repair
Most garage door companies provide general maintenance and adjustments, door framing, and broken spring and cable replacement.

garage door service
Refers to a company that provides service for your garage door, including maintenance, repair and installation

Also known as: garage door repair service, garage door parts, garage doors repair, garage door services

garage door spring repair
Garage door torsion springs help provide a smooth transition during the opening and closing processes. If the garage door isn’t opening or closing smoothly, it could possibly need a spring replaced. A local garage door company should be able to assist you with replacing the spring in order to get your garage door back in working order.

Also known as: garage door torsion spring repair, garage door spring replacement cost, garage door springs

insulated  garage door repair
If your garage door has no insulation or needs more insulation, most garage door companies can help. Even if the garage door is in good condition, existing door panels with a higher “R-value” can be switched out so you have greater insulation.

new garage door installation
The process of installing a new garage door in your residential or commercial garage. Most garage door companies will safely remove and properly dispose of the old garage door, if needed.

Also known as: garage door replacement, garage door opener installation, new garage doors, garage doors

overhead garage door repair
Overhead garage doors are rolling steel overhead doors that are often used by commercial companies. If you have an overhead garage door that needs to be repaired, a local garage door company should be able to assist you.

residential garage doors
Standard sized doors made for the garage of a residence. These doors come in many styles, colors and types of of material. They can also be made in specialized sizes, if needed.

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roll-up garage door repair
Roll-up garage doors are usually made out of steel and are typically found in commercial buildings. If your roll-up garage door needs to be repaired, contact a local garage door company.

Also known as: roll up garage doors commercial, roll up garage door maintenance

steel garage doors
Known for their durability, steel garage doors are available in classic raised panels and contemporary long panels. Many steel doors have a low-maintenance finish that keeps them looking great year after year.

Also known as: stainless steel garage doors, steel carriage garage doors, insulated steel garage doors

torsion spring garage doors
Garage door springs counterbalance the weight of the door to make it easy to open and close. Torsion springs are the most common springs in the garage door industry.

Also known as: garage door torsion spring repair, garage door torsion springs, garage door extension springs, springs garage door, garage door springs replacement