Finding a Computer Data Recovery Company That Can Retrieve Your Lost Data

by Matt Solis

Data loss can happen because of hard drive failure, overwriting data, accidentally deleting files, power surges and even a fire or flood that damages your computer.

It may come in the form of that panic-inducing blank screen, an accidentally deleted folder, a computer crash that wipes out all of your photos and personal documents, a power surge that leaves your computer crippled, or a grinding noise that leaves files missing and your heart pounding.

However it happens and regardless of what it looks like, computer failure and data loss can be a major blow.

The good news is that data loss is preventable and—in the hands of a good Santa Clara County computer data recovery company—data recovery is often possible.

If you’ve experienced the loss of important files, photos, music, books, documents and more stored on your computer, stay calm. Stop using your computer immediately (working on or saving files, and even attempting to recover the data yourself can result in further damage and loss).

Then, read on for tips to find a good computer data recovery service in San Jose, Sunnyvale, Santa Clara, Mountain View and Milpitas and the rest of Santa Clara County that can help you get back what you’ve lost.

What to Do If You Fear Computer Data Loss or Missing Computer Files
The first thing to do if you are worried about lost data on your computer is to stop. Don’t attempt to access or open files, back up your computer, or try software recovery programs at home. This can prevent further loss, and can keep you from inadvertently saving new data over deleted (but not yet overwritten) data.

Continuing to work on your device or trying to back up or recover lost files and data can permanently destroy missing data and make it so that even the best Santa Clara County computer data recovery specialists are unable to retrieve the files.

There are software programs that promise to help computer users recover their own missing, lost or damaged files. These may be useful and may even completely restore what you’ve lost. However, there is no way to tell that before running the programs, and doing so may further damage corrupt files or save over lost files that still remain on the hard drive.

Computer data recovery programs and the changes they make may also make it harder or impossible for professional computer data recovery services in Santa Clara County to locate, retrieve or repair files and data.

Proceed with caution if you think you want to try recovering your data yourself with the help of a software program. If the data on your computer isn’t vital (such as irreplaceable photographs and documents), you may want to attempt it. You may also want to talk with Santa Clara County computer data recovery specialists in Sunnyvale, San Jose, Campbell, Gilroy, Morgan Hill or your area about the best course forward. Some will provide diagnostics that can help you decide if you can handle the data recovery yourself, and others may be able to advise you on the best course of action for your specific problem.

Backing Up Your Device Helps Prevent Computer Data Loss
The old adage is correct—prevention is the best medicine.

That’s especially true when it comes to computer data. Computers are machines, and all machines are fallible. Eventually, every computer will experience trouble of one kind or another.

Likewise, people make mistakes; user error such as accidentally saving over a wanted file, deleting needed data, or misfiling an important document can be just as catastrophic as entire computer drive failure depending on the files or documents lost.

Backing up your files and important documents is key to preventing complete loss in case of a disaster or hard drive corruption. This may be with an external hard drive or to the cloud. Where you store your items isn’t as important as having a backup location and regularly backing up your device. Some require you to hook up your computer, manually back up files or set a schedule for automatic back up, while others will automatically back up your documents and files to the cloud or an external device.

You’ll also want to consider where the backup is housed. It’s recommended that you keep irreplaceable files in the cloud or in a separate location than your computer. Fire, flood, or other damage to your home that destroys your computer will probably also endanger your on-site backup, so storing important information in a different location is smart.