FAQ About Computer Data Recovery Services


Q: Why choose Diamond Certified computer data recovery companies?
A: Diamond Certified helps you choose computer data recovery services from your area with confidence by offering a list of top-rated local companies who have passed the country’s most in-depth rating process. Only computer data recovery companies rated Highest in Quality earn the prestigious Diamond Certified award. Most companies can’t pass the ratings. American Ratings Corporation also monitors every Diamond Certified company with ongoing research and ratings. And your purchase is backed by the Diamond Certified Performance Guarantee, so you’ll feel confident choosing a Diamond Certified computer data recovery contractor near you.

Q: Is my computer going to fail and lose data?
A: If your computer is making grinding, abnormal buzzing and humming, ticking, clicking or other strange noises, stop using it immediately. Do not attempt to turn the drive on or off, or try to save or recover data. This can cause further damage and can even lead to irreversible and permanent data loss.

Q:Is my computer data recoverable?
A: That depends on the reason for and magnitude of your problem. Computers and hard drives are machines, and mechanical failure is possible for many reasons. Some hard drives and the information on them can be repaired and recovered. However, not all hard drives can be recovered. This can include instances where the computer read and write heads crash and damage the magnetic storage and destroy data. Contact a professional computer data recovery service near you to have your particular computer or drive examined.

Q: What is data recovery?
A: The process of data recovery is retrieving data (either deleted, damaged or otherwise inaccessible) from computers, computer hard drives, removable drives, digital recorders, tapes or other storage devices.

Q: How long does data recovery take?
A: Depending on the problem and hardware, most data that is recoverable can be recovered in a few hours or days up to a week. Your computer data recovery specialist can give you a more precise idea of how long your particular data recovery services will take.

Q: Can I recover my computer data myself?
A: Some individuals have had success using programs and home data recovery software. However, attempting to use these programs or software may further corrupt the hard drive or disk in question and may make data unrecoverable, even for professional data recovery services. Experts advise never trying to use a utility, software or other home computer data recovery program; especially if it doesn’t allow you to undo changes or if it makes clicking, grinding, buzzing, scraping or other sounds. That can indicate damage to the head mechanism or a head crash, which can completely destroy your drive and your data.

Q: Is it possible to prevent computer data loss?
A: There is nothing you can do to prevent computer hard drives from crashing, as all machines will eventually fail. However, you can back up your data to prevent data loss. Routine backups, automatic data backups, and even automatic data backup to the cloud or an external device. Some users prefer to have multiple backups in case of backup failure or a disaster that destroys the computer and on-site backups. You should also install a good anti-virus program on your computer and update it regularly to guard against data loss due to viruses. Running Scandisk to test your hard drive for damage or problems can prevent crashing. Finally, protect your computer from damage. Keep your computer clean, free of dust, and away from moisture and motion. Heat and vibration can cause your hard drive to fail, so avoid temperature spikes, direct sun and shaking or shifting your computer, especially while it’s powered on.

Q: How often should I back up my computer hard drive?
A: Back up your computer data regularly. How often depends on how much you use your computer and what you store there. If you keep irreplaceable data such as photographs, records, work, and other important items, you’ll want to back up very regularly or even daily. Immediate backup such as with cloud systems or data sync programs can prevent loss of even the things that you’re currently working on during a computer failure.

Q: How long do deleted files or missing files remain on my computer?
A: Deleted files remain on computer hard drives until the space is needed for new data or until the information is wiped or deleted securely. Deleted files are written over as computers need the space for new data. At that point, the information is completely destroyed and there is no way to recover it. If you are missing files or have deleted files, stop using your computer until you have a professional recover the missing or deleted files. Continuing to use the computer can erase documents and data that are potentially recoverable.

Q: Can data from reformatted drives be recovered?
A: Usually, yes. Reformatting doesn’t delete data, unless certain formatting is done. It’s saving new data on the formatted drive that writes over the deleted data. If you want to retrieve data from a reformatted drive, don’t save any new information. Instead, call a computer data recovery company near you for help in retrieving deleted data.