Checking Transmission Repair Shop References

Is it possible to know that the auto transmission shops that you’re considering provide their customers with the best service? Yes, but it isn’t easy to determine unless you have an unbiased, third-party source of information. Diamond Certified transmission shops give consumers the advantage of a thorough rating system.

If you want quality auto transmission services, you can be confident when choosing a Diamond Certified company. You can read Diamond Certified reports on all certified companies, including verbatim survey responses. And you won’t be fooled by false reviews because all research is done by live phone interviews with confirmed customers.

If you can’t find a Diamond Certified transmission shop in your area, do some research of your own. Even if you’re in a hurry for service, take a little time to check references. If you do, auto transmission shops may be willing to give you a list of recent customers whom you can call. Ask general questions about their experience with people at the transmission shop as well as specific questions about the work they had performed.

Some questions to ask include:

  1. What transmission services did the shop do for you?
  2. Were you pleased with the shop’s work?
  3. Were you happy with the time it took for the automatic transmission fluid and filter change?
  4. Did the technicians treat you well and answer your questions?
  5. Was the cost fair and close to the original estimate?
  6. What parts of the work did the transmission shop do especially well?
  7. Will you return to the shop if you have transmission problems or need your transmission fluid changed?
  8. Would you recommend this shop to others?

Remember, references provided by other shops are not equal in value to the large, random sample of transmission customers surveyed in the Diamond Certified rating process.