Good Old-Fashioned Service

by Chris Bjorklund

I just returned from a long weekend in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Being there for a few days reminded me that good old-fashioned manners and service never go out of style.

Service people did the simple things. They offered help, they made eye contact, they apologized for delays, they tried to make things easy for customers.

I was especially impressed with all the employees at Lambeau Field where we attended a Green Bay Packers game. Everyone from the ticket takers to the cashiers to the soda and bratwurst sellers offered a welcome and a smile. They all reminded us to enjoy the game. They showed pride in their work. I have rarely seen such efficient and friendly crowd control. It was a real pleasure.

When I stepped into the taxi at SFO, and the driver seemed distracted and irritated for the whole long ride home, I found myself wishing I were back in the Midwest where people have manners and pride in what they do make you feel like queen for a day!