Five Reasons to Get Three Bids

by Joy Lanzaro

Steve Labourdette, contractor and owner of Labourdette Construction, consults with clients.

Collecting multiple bids for a home improvement project isn’t just about price shopping; it’s about ensuring every step of your project is handled as efficiently as possible. Here are the top reasons for getting at least three bids on your project:

1. You’ll learn a lot by talking to professionals ahead of time. This extra information will allow you to test what you know and don’t know about your planning, your budget and what’s included with the bid.

2. Before making a hiring decision, you want to be absolutely confident in your choice. Ultimately, the contractor you hire will leave a distinct mark on your life by creating a system that meets a purpose and lends value that can’t simply be returned or rejected if you don’t like it.

3. There’s value in hindsight and perspective. It’s amazing how quickly the contractor who had you at hello and a handshake can become a problem when you don’t have the perspective that comes from comparing several bids. Before making a decision, take your time and get a feel for who else is out there.

4. A contractor who truly understands your vision and is familiar with different products and styles will be better qualified to turn your ideas into reality.

5. Remember, the contractor you hire is creating something in your personal space. The larger the scope of your project, the more dramatically your contractor’s style will impact you and possibly your neighbors.